The ProntoTec 7 Inch Android 4.4 Kitkat Tablet - Review

Tablets, nowadays come in endless varieties designed to provide this wide-range of options for their buyers. Consumers will open up a world of possibilities when they will get a tablet. Providing entertainment, communications and internet browsing, tablets are the future in a pocket.
There is one model that has a solid performance and its cost is very low. This tablet is called ProntoTec Android 4.4.


Tablets can be found in a variety of sizes, features and also functions, cheap or expensive, affordable or with a super fast processing speed, with a smaller or bigger display. All depends on what the buyer wants. If he's looking for something cheap and good, this tablet will be a great purchase.

– 2 Ghz dual-core processor
– 4GB of internal memory
– 512MB of RAM
– 7-inch touch-screen display with 800 x 480 screen resolution
– Android 4.2.2 operating system
– Wi-fi Ready
– Compatible with MicroSD cards
– Support for 3G networks with adaptor
– Front and rear cameras
– Built-in microphone
– Works with thousands of Android apps
– File support for most common video, audio and picture formats
– Good for watching videos, listening to music, video chats and more

What is this tablet good for?

This tablet is not an expensive high-tech one, is more like an affordable option offering all the standard functions of a normal tablet but at a lower price than the other types. If the customers are looking for a device that will provide them the basic stuff as entertainment, communication and web browsing, this is what they need. Endless apps can be downloaded and used without any problems and the most consumers will be satisfied with the performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ProntoTec tablet

Watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, read books, take photos, or play video games on the new ProntoTec Android 4.4 Kitkat tablet. Voice or video calls can be taken, mails or instant messages can be sent. Use many of the communication platforms as you please. The interface is fluid, isn't difficult at all and anyone can handle it easily without encountering any problems. Its processing speed and the wi-fi connectivity are very good and it provides a good internet experience.

The user might see other types of tablets that have higher performance, better screen or faster processing because this version it a scaled down one. At this price, one better than the ProntoTec, won't be found. Surf the web without any problems and view any videos you like by paying just 45$. Don't go for the Apple's iPad air, save a lot of money and get almost all the features with this tablet.

The tablet is a small package that contains a lot of stuff like gaming, reading, movies, calls and more other functions. The consumers should take in consideration the ProntoTec Android 4.4 Kitkat tablet if they want something versatile and inexpensive.

It provides a great selection of entertainment options, movies, music, books, games and offers a range of communication platforms. It is an affordable option that will offer the customers a great experience.