A review to Amazons Fire HD 7

Amazon Fire HD 7 is an inexpensive tablet that has great content delivery system for Amazon. Anyway, this is defeated in various areas by opponent devices that have similar price points. Some have better internal specification and astonishing stereo sound.

The advantages for Amazon Fire HD 7 are the price, acceptable stereo speakers and impressive HD display. The disadvantages are the fact that it has plastic build quality; it lacks microSD and Google Play.

The Amazon Fire phone may be not interesting, but the tablets are the real thing about Amazon. The main thing that they thought about was the price. We all know the fact that Android gets money from services in order to deliver hardware at affordable prices. Some may ask if Amazon`s offering is worthy.

The 7 inch Amazon Fire HD 7 has a price that goes around 139 dollars for the 8GB version that has ads. This is almost identical with the Amazon Fire HD 6 that is sold at 99 dollars. The slight difference is the fact that it has a 6 inch model with a mono speaker and lower weight.

The tablet specifics of Fire HD 7 are like this: 1,5 GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and choice of 8GB or 16 GB internal storage. This is not bad at all if you consider the iPad mini 2 that is more expensive and it has a dual-core 1.3 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space.

Unlike the iPad mini 2, the LCD IPS display that Fire HD 7 has, reveals a 1280x 800 display. That states the fact that while is provided a 720p HD, it does not offer the same experience of 1080p like the competition. You can compare it with Google`s Nexus 7.

The design also has a minus. Amazon Fire HD 7 has a screen encircled by a thick, black and plastic made chassis. This looks like it is meant to be functional. You can choose among several s that Amazon provides for its Fire HD 7.The dimensions are 191 x 128 x 19.6mm and it weights 337g. So, unlike many of its competitors, this tablet wins when it comes to weight and dimensions.

The dual stereo speakers are set up on the back of the tablet. They are placed along the edge. Amazon installed Dolby Audio in the HD 7 which will offer a decent amount of volume.

If you are going to use the landscape position, you will not encounter problems. But if you are going for portrait mode you risk blocking one of the speakers with your hand. The thing will happen with the 2MP camera. Also in portrait mode, you can block the power switch, headphone jack and microUSB. So, this arrangement of functions can be a little inconvenient.

As a conclusion, Amazon Fire HD 7 is an affordable tablet that can offer you all the basic requirements you will need. It is light, it has a nice design and even though is not a power tablet like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it does its job and it is linked completely to the Amazon ecosystem. It has no Firefly app, but keep in mind that Amazon offers a basic device in order to get more users for its service.