A Review for Google Android's Dragon Touch Y88X 7" Quad Core

Entertainment-wise, tablets come with a wide variety of goodies. From movies to games to music, you can use your tablet for a number of things in order to pass the time, and even communicate with your friends. The wide variety of apps allow you to constantly modify (and personalize) the tablet according to your needs.

The Dragon Touch Y88X Android tablet PC does all of that and more, and it’s also quite affordable.

What the Dragon Touch tablet can do

As with any devices, you are faced with a wide area of options, some better (or worse) than others. The main two categories you will most certainly have to choose from are the expensive but with all the latest technologies tablets, and the cheaper, features-lacking but which will do just fine tablets. You might not want to focus so much on price but on features the tablet brings to the table when making a decision. The Dragon Touch has the following:

· 1024 x 600 screen resolution

· 7 inch multi-touch display

· 512 MB of RAM

· Preloaded with Zoodles

· Fast quad-core processor

· 8 GB of internal memory

· Compatible with thousands of the most popular apps

· Wi-Fi ready

· Android 4.4 Kit Kat operating system

· 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer

· 2 megapixel front and rear cameras

Good and Bad Sides

Compared with its price tag, the Dragon Touch offers a truly amazing experience. It’s very easy to use and understand both the interface and controls. The internet connection is quite stable which is a major plus.Thanks to that, video and game streaming runs without a hitch or freeze (or lag!). Without a doubt, this product will not disappoint and will have a lasting and memorable impression on the user.

At a quick glance, the screen is probably something which some users could consider a downside. There are other tablets with screens much better than the one Dragon Touch has. But those said tablets have a much higher price tag than Dragon Touch and this tablet still offers HD quality which gives the device a good price/quality balance. This is the more advanced version of Google’s Dragon Touch Y88 tablet, and it comes with much more features as well as superior performance.

Consumer-wise, who would want to own the Dragon Touch Android tablet?

As previously stated, the fairly good price/quality balance will appeal to a high number of users. Even though it is not one of the go-to tablets available on the market, this tablet will work just as well as any of them, and if price is what you’re afraid of, this tablet is quite affordable and a good choice for a first time experience for a young child.

Should you decide to get the Dragon Touch Y88X Android tablet PC, you will not regret your decision. It is one of the best products available at the present time and you will also experience all of the features and functions you would expect of any tablet but at a more reasonable price. It’s pretty difficult to find a better deal when put face-to-face with this offer.