What are the Best Moto 360 watch straps?

The sparking new Moto 360 has been a great asset for anyone who is currently using it. And you should know that besides functionality, the watch has a simple, unique and elegant design so, after getting your watch, you should also get a matching, nice-looking strap.

The problem with smart-watches, generally speaking, is that while keeping up the tech part and constantly improving its function, the straps are usually not an issue for the developers.

The Moto 360 smart watch is the perfect example in this case, that came in with a lackluster leather straps.

Even if Motorola has a brand new series of accessories for you to choose from, it is worth saving some time for finding a stylish, in-fashion strap.

Before buying anything, you should read an essential guide “Best smart watch 2015.”

In order for you to have the best reviews about the best smart watches, it will be further quotes Patrick Gorny, the stylist of Trunk Club. He carefully examined the Moto 360 through the eyes of a stylist and recommended appropriate straps.

It is important to know that if you don't want your straps changed, the 22mm standard strap for Moto 360 will work just fine.

The Trunk Club's advice and opinions on the Moto 360 smart watch were that the watch has a minimalist look, which fairly suggest the terms of “wearable technology”. If you cool down the minimalist design with a casual look you should get some suede strap in black, brown or tan . Further, the complete look should look something like chukka boots, dark denim items, gingham shirt and a large neck sweater.

1. The Hirsch SUEDA genuine crocodile suede leather strap is the premium-choice. Even if it costs more than the watch itself, you should put forward the importance of having something qualitative. The strap can be bough from hirschstraps.com for $299.99.

2. Riveted Aviator-style suede leather strap in black is the smart-choice, meaning a qualitative but no so expensive strap for your Moto 360. You can get it for only $26 at sectime.co.uk.

3. Oak leather and suede trap in tan is the perfect mixture between tech and classic and it is crafted only with Italian leather. You can find it on bandrbands.com for $69.99.

4. Di-Model Nevada leather strap in gold brown is an extremely qualitative strap with a stainless steel buckle if you want to go for the elegant-look. Buy the strap from watchobsession.co.uk for $33.85

5. Dodo premium leather strap in tan is one of the official strap on Motorola US website if you are looking for an attractive-design. If you order it on motorola.com you will get it for $60.