Wearable tech for monitoring your pet

It is enlightening to see that companies are struggling to keep out with the tendencies of the world we live in and started to develop the wearable tech for pets industries. With these new assets it's easier than never to keep your pet healthy.

It is obvious that you will not see your cat wearing an Apple Watch but however, there are smart-collars that are for example GPS trackers.

The companies that are creating and developing these devices wanted you to be sure you are properly taking care of your pet, monitor its health or simply tracking them down via GPS.

You will further be informed about the best wearables for your companion.

GoPro Fetch – Help you see the world from your pet's point of view. You can attach the camera to the animal and see their activities such as bone chewing, digging in the ground, running and so on. The band is washable so it won't be a problem if your dog is also playing in the mud. You can get the camera from gopro.com for $59.99.

Fitbark – The perfect app that lets you see on your phone all the information you need about your pet for a vet visit: health, activities, fitness, sleep and so on. Get the bone-shaped tracker from fitbark.com for $99.

WhistleGPS – A great collar with a GPS attached, that transmits all the data to your phone so you can see where your pet is at any time. If you take into consideration all the reviews, WhistleGPS appears to be the best tracking device. You can get it from whistle.com for $129 plus a monthly fee of $5 for the location services.

StickNFind – This small device can be used not only to track your pets but also your luggage or gadgets. You simply stick it to the object you don't want to be lost and than the GPS will get the job done for you. You can get this from sticknfind.com for $49.99.

Voyce – Is a clever collar that will allow you to permanently stay connected with your dog. The collar does much more than this: it helps you monitor your dog's heart and respiratory rate or calories burnt. The collar costs $299 plus an additional fee of $9.95 from mydogsvoyce.com

Silent Herdsman – Here's an app for another class of pets, namely cows. This smart collar helps you monitor your pet's activities, behavior and announce any changes via Wi-Fi to your PC. You can therefore get information about your animal's fertility of milk yield. You can get it from silentherdsman.com

No More Woof – The smart collar is currently still at a prototype phase, but the final product of the collar wants to be the link between your dog and yourself. You will be able through an advanced technology of EEG sensors, Micro Computing and other BCI software reader to figure what your pet is thinking. Pre-order the smart collar from nomorewoof.com for a price starting at $65.

Trackimo Universal – A tiny device that can be used on the things you want to keep track of (including your dog). The device is waterproof so you don't have to worry if your pet will get muddy. Get this from shop.trackimo.com for $99.97.

TrackR Bravo – A device small as a coin with a one year long battery life, helping you know at any time the exact location of your companion. The advantage of TrackR compared to other tracking devices on the market is that the design makes it more attractive than others and also the fact that you get a phone notification any time your pet goes too far away is a plus. For only $29 you can get the device from thetrackr.com.

Tractive Motion – The perfect app for the buddies that need to lose some pounds. You can set daily fitness goals and easily check the progress. You can get it from tractive.com for $100.

Motorola Scout5000 – This is probably the most advanced wearable tech for pets by now. The smart collar is in permanent synchronization with the owner's smartphone and it contains a pedometer, a camera with a microphone and speaker. The device costs 199$ on binatoneglobal.com and the fee also includes an year of free 3G and a smaller version of the product called Scout that doesn't have the incorporated camera.

Tagg GPS Plus – It is not only a tracking device, but it also it has been updated with a temperature risk sensor, a better GPS tracking and also it provides you with information about your pet's daily activities. You can get this from petttracker.com for $99.95 plus an additional fee of $9.95 a month.

Wonder Woof – Irrespective to its function, the device is the perfect bow and tie events accessory. The little bow attached to your pet's collar helps you get information in real time about your pet. Further, you should know that the bow comes in six different s.