Top fitness apps in 2015

Your daily routine contains activities like eating, sleeping and walking and now it easier than never to monitor all the data that you can get from these activities. There are a lot of possibilities and a lot of trackers on the market for you to choose from that it might be difficult to pick the right one. Before choosing it, think about your needs and what information you want to get (step counting, sleep tracking, burnt calories, heart and respiratory rate and so on) and start searching for the best fitness tracker.
You can be sure that there's something out there for anyone's needs.

It will seem hard to choose especially when you will see the amazing things that certain trackers can do.

There will be 5 categories of trackers you can choose from: best for style, best for runners, best for sports, best overall fitness tracker, best for woman.

First, the best tracker for style is the Withings Activite. You can get the best stylish fitness tracker, mostly for men. The Swiss made analogue watch that looks amazingly elegant can count your steps, checking your distance and tracking your sleep. If you are a water sports fan, the watch comes with a sports water resistant strap. You can order it on for $349.

The Withings Activite Pop is the cheaper version of the previously mentioned watch, but the disadvantage is obviously from the quality point of view. Switzerland becomes China and the elegant metal is replaced by plastic. But you can get it for only $150 on

The two trackers recommended for the runners are Fitbit Surge and Runtastic Orbit.

Fitbit Surge – is the perfect tracker for a variety of sports. Not only for the regular running and cycling activities, but the tracker works just fine for activities like the ones from the gym. It helps you keep track of your cardio workouts. You can get it for $249 at

Runtastic Orbit – A highly performing tracker that collects data about your sleeping, calories or steps. If you pair it with the Runtastic app you will be able to see all that information directly on your wrist. Buy it for only 119.99 from

Best tracker for women by far is the Swarovski Shine. In the shade of a sparkling Swarovski crystal, you can get your tracker as any accessory that you would prefer, from bracelets to necklaces. For your own comfort, the tracker will also have a sports strap for the sweaty activities like running or swimming. Order it from for $249.

The two best for sports trackers are the Basis Peak and the Jawbone UP Move.

The Basis Peak – is using an advanced technology in order for you to accurately measure your heart rate directly from your wrist. The watch can auto-detect the moment when you start running and offer you all the details you need to know. The only disadvantage is the fact that it doesn't contain a GPS.

The second one, Jawbone UP Move is the best choice when it comes to sports. You can set the device to keep track of your activities for the exact sport you are practicing even if it's Zumba or yoga. The device costs $49.99 if you order it from

Finally, the best overall fitness tracker is probably Fitbit Charge HR – a no delays tracker that can offer you the most accurate information about your activities, and it comes in three different sizes so it can fit all the writs. You can get it from for $149.95