The Ultimate Smart Clothing

Fashion designers all over the world are about to change the concept of smart clothing by focusing on fabrics rather than gadget straps. With the new tech garments you should be able to track your heart rate, monitor your emotions or even pay for your Starbucks, all without using your phone.

Read on to learn some of the best tech garments available right now.

Ralph Lauren's smart shirt

For this year's US Open, both male and female tennis players had the opportunity to track their vital signs by simply wearing Ralph Lauren’s biometric shirts. It was the designer’s first public attempt to test the smart clothing.

At first glance it may look like any other nylon shirt but this shirt is infused with conductive silver-coated fibres that can transmit real time data to a smarthphone. The shirt counts distance, calories burned, heart rate, stress rate and intensity of movement.

The shirt should be available for sale in the near future as officially announced on the designer’s website.

Victoria's Secret Smart Bra

BPM tracking is the feature that makes the new Victoria's Secret bra “incredible”. The smart bra uses electrods to connect to regular heart monitors, acting as a fitness tracker. The Body-Wick fabric protects you against sweating during sport activities.

You can buy it online in either grey or pink colour.

Digitsole Insoles

After raising the funding money on Kickstarter, the creators are about to launch the unique insoles. The shoes will track calories and distance but the outstanding feature is that it can warm up your feet. It reaches a maximum temperature of 40 degrees C and you have the option to adjust the temperature of each foot via smartphone apps.

All this sounds great, but the battery runs off in 7 hours and needs recharging which doesn't seem as much fun.


Athos is currently developing a line of training clothes that will assess which of your muscles are working and distribute the data to a smartphone via a Bluetooth core. The feature includes tracking of both muscle effort, heart rate and breathing. This app will allow you to train by yourself with minimum risk of injury.

MBody Shorts

The MBody shorts are designed specifically for runners and cyclists who want to measure their physical activity.

Wearing the shorts you can avoid overstraining your muscles and improve your training technique. The system comes with its own 'Mcell measurement module' that will collect data from the built-in sensors of the shorts. The tech shorts are made of an elastic compression with padding and flatlock seams to suit the needs of cyclists.

The dress that interacts with people

The Synapse smart dress perfectly illustrates the high advancement of technology. This dress is created as a system of biosensors that measures different activities and reacts to people found in close proximity. The intelligent dress is entirely 3D printed and is powered by Intel’s Edison chip.

If you get too close the system responds by setting off a bright array of LEDs and a front camera will capture the objects or people that have an impact on your emotions.