Sony's Progressive Scan DVD Player

The Sony's Progressive Scan DVD Player gives you some excellent audio and video quality, and it has a compact design. Like any DVD Player you can take advantage of the fast/slow playback so you won't have to miss any words. And the good news is that you can also listen to your tracks from your other devices, such as the MP3 Player.

The MP3 player is black, that means it has an elegant design, and it also it is budget-friendly, you won't spend that much money to purchase it. The most important thing about this player is that it offers a progressive output at 480p, so that you will be seeing the images in a single frame, with a clearer and smoother image than before. This is probably the best one you can get for your HDTV.

With the remote control that you get, it will be so easy for you to control the player and navigate. Using the DVD player you will be able to connect it to the major TV brands, so yo won't have to use two separate remote controls. The DVD Player also supports MP3 or JPEG files, but moreover, it can support a large variety of formats.

If you want to pause the movie you are watching and then take it from where you left off, the DVD player remembers where your movie stopped and it will pop out the next time you turn on the DVD. You can also use the fast and slow playback buttons if you missed anything from the media you are listening to or watching.

The DVD Player supports Dolby audio formats, and that means that you will be able to connect it to your home theater system, and you will make the best out of the watching movies experience. You can also connect it to any coaxial digital out, if you are looking forward to connect it to an older A/V receiver.

The DVD Player is also Energy Star compliant, so that means that not only you won't spend much money for buying it, you will not have so many expenses for using it neither.

The innovative Progressive Output 480p will allow you to enjoy your movies in a single frame content, which will make you see a much clearer image. You can use this option for watching on an HDTV fast/slow playback with the sound actually being fast and slow playback.

Most big names when it comes to TV brand will also support the DVD player's remote so you won't have to use two remotes and crowding your coffee table with them. The DVD player also allows you to share your favorite content such as movies, photos and music.
And a very important asset, already mentioned, is the fact that it is environmental friendly, you won't have your energy bills raised for using this DVD Player, and it uses only five watts of power.

When you will order your DVD Player you will also receive an A/V Cable, 2 AA batteries, the remote control, and a 1 year warranty.