Sony has now one of the best 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

When buying a Disc Player, you must know that there are tons of models on the market, with both pros and cons.

For the Sony BDPS5200 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi the pros are the fact that it is good looking, is has a lot of online content and it is very easy to use. On the other hand, the cons of the player are that it is lightweight build quality and it has no 4OD or ITV Player.

The specifications of the player are that is has a 3D Blu-ray playback, it has the incorporated Wi-Fi, DLNA file streaming, Sony Entertainment Network and Screen Mirroring.

The producer is obviously Sony.

Description: Sony's Disc Player is placed near the BDP-S1200 (£69) and BDP-S4200 (£89) but below the £199 BDP-S6200 and top-end BDP-S7200 (£249). It is not too big, it has the great Wi-Fi, yu have access to the Sony Entertaining Network and obviously, the 3D Blue-ray playback.

Design: The player has a simple yet stylish design, it is all black, with some triangular shapes on top of it. It has a much more prettier design than the previous ones.

In the corner you will find the open/close buttons, and it also has a USB port and a disc tray.

The good thing about this Sony Disc Player is the fact that it has only 265mm and that is 1/2 out of the previous models. You can therefore place it almost anywhere because it will be easy for you to find a suitable spot. However, the way it is made does not inspire a very durable player.

The player has a HDMI output, an Ethernet port and also audio ports.

Features: The most important thing about the player is the innovative 'super' Wi-Fi, that is called like this due to the fact that it has a strong Wi-Fi signal. You can browse on the Sony Entertainment Network, where you can find a lot of media content. You can also access third-party apps such as: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, BBC, iPlayer, BBC News, Sports, and other services such as Facebook or Opera TV Store.

Of course there you can the possibility of playing your own music from your PC or any other device that you own.

Operation: The way it functions is pretty similar to the previous generations of players, it is really user friendly and you will easily get used to using it.

Using the standard remote from Sony you can control the device, but nevertheless there is also the virtual remote that allows you to use it, you have a swipe pad, a free cursor screen and you can also use the onscreen keyboard.

Performance: Even if you might think at first that it doesn't do such a great job, the disc player is probably more than you need from it. It works fast, it provides qualitative audio and video content, and it functions really fast.

The player is also budget-friendly, it has a good design, and you can safely buy it.

In conclusion, the player looks good, works remarkably, and it has amazing features that you can use.