Keep Beat - the smartest bra

There are many bras created for the sports kind of women. But the amazing Keep Beat bra is different than anything you have already seen on the market. This bra was design by Victoria Sowerby from the Northumbria University.
The functioning principle is quite simple: the bra will monitor all your heart activity, monitors the BPM and it will further modify the BPM of the music you are listening to while running if you are not keeping up with the beats.

It is wonderful to have all in one: a well design bra for your running hours, and a functional DJ that plays the music for you. You won't like how your favorite tracks will sound like when you are slowing down your rhythm.

Moreover, the material of the bra is also innovative. The bra is made out of a fabric that is called Eurojersey and it will prevent the excessive sweating on your skin and the appearance of any bacteria because of the revolutionary polymer that has a fast evaporative process.

The inventor of the bra said that she would create something that is as close to your heart as possible. And what is closer than the bra you are using when jogging? It is important for the sensors to be close to the heart for an accurate monitoring and results, and that's why the sensors that are used for the functions of the bra are found in its elastic. This is probably one of the most inventive ways to monitor your heart parameters.

The sensors, as previously mentioned, are located on the elastic of your bra, right under the bust. There is also this clip that helps sending the information via Bluetooth and the advantage is that you don't have to worry when you are washing your bra because the clip can be easily removed.

Further, all the signals that are registered by your smart bra are send to your smartphone. The bra has a special pocket for you to hold your phone, on your back, right between your shoulders. For your own comfort, it would be recommendable to get wireless headphones, but regular ones will also do the job. Also, get a good app for music playing, for your smartphone.

And this is where, the specialists' help was needed. The one who made it happen is James Thomas, a electronics technician, who did some changes to the Bluetooth's heart monitoring sensors. He managed to develop the sensors in order for them to react to the beats from your songs.

It is true that on the market you can find more than one device that can provide matchmaking between the music and your pace, but the important aspect of the smart bra is that it does more than this, it will force you to maintain the correct pace in relation to your heart rate.

Not only it has an innovative technology, but the smart bra has a wonderful design that will make it the perfect running bra.

There are more remarkable students at the Northumbria University, who are taking the Performance Product Design course. Since the Keep Beat smart bra is not officially launched yet, everyone is wondering what will happen with the project. The only thing that is certain by now is that Sowerby took a job with Puma, saying that she hopes to deliver the benefits of the bra to the right people.