Helpful wearable devices for your triathlon training

A triathlon is a competition where athletes compete without stopping in three events, and it is usually a running, cycling or swimming competition. As you probably figured, a triathlon competition requires a lot of intense training, dedication and work.

First, you might want to read a Fitness guide, telling how you are supposed to use heart rate training areas.

The enlightening news is that you don't have to push yourself to the limits all alone, there are a lot of wearable tech that will help you in the process such as GPS watches or body suits.

You will further read the reviews of some of the most helpful assets that you can take advantage of in order to succeed in a triathlon competition.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT is the perfect watch pack if you are training in the waters, on the road or for a cycling competition. It is water resistant and it helps you keep track of your pace, the running lengths or your health conditions when diving in the pool. You can get this for $449.99 if you buy it from

TomTom Multi-Sport has a thin design that will make it very convenient to wear. It helps you accurately keep track of your progress no matter the kind of activity or sports you are practicing. The item can be bought at for £129.99.

Polar V800 is the perfect training support if you are just getting started with your triathlon training. The perfect coaching system will give you hints on how to balance your workout and it analyses with carefulness every detail. Get your Polar V800 for $519.95 at

Suunto Ambit3 is the perfect app for having together all the details of your trainings. You have there a compass, speed tracker, pace and distance and all the hints on how to properly recover. You can get this at for $499.

Finis AquaPulse HRM is the right health device you can use considering that it perfectly monitors your heart rate in order for you get the right training. It monitors your heart rate through the earlobe so there will be no inconvenient straps on your chest. Get this at for $129.99

Wahoo RFLKT+ is like no other bike computer than you can regularly find on the market and it is not a too sophisticated device. You can send the date on your iPhone and read all the information there. You can read the essential guide “Garmin Vivoactive launch date, features and more” for you to have more information about the device and its uses. You can pair it as well with other compatible devices and you get buy it from for $99.95.

VRX MP3+ Personal Trainer is provides you with the perfect mp3 player underwater and at the same time the training tips you need for this activity. You will also get a silicone swim cap that is very helpful to keep things protected underwater. You can find it at for £119 + £19.

SKINS TRI400 Compression Tri Suit better deliveries the oxygen to all the muscles and therefore it provides you with more power. Keep in mind that for using this you will need a longer recovery period. The suit has all the asset you need for any sport: it is ideal for both water or road and it also has UV protection. Get the perfect suit at for $299.99