Evaluating The Mio Fuse

Mio Fuse is designed in accordance with the company’s heritage regarding optical heart rate monitoring, and now it launching its own devices: the Link and the Alpha. You are able to find Mio’s sensors on running watches such as the Adidas miCoach Smart run and the TomTom Runner.

The Display and Design of Mio Fuse

Whan you open the Fuse for the first time, it is impossible not to notice how big it is.

Although it is 30 mm wide and more chunkier than Garmin Vivosmart and Fitbit Charge HR, it weighs less than 40g and very comfortable on the wrist.

For a better reading of your heartbeat you should wear the Fuse a bit higher than you would a normal watch.

Increase the speed

The Fuse model has two sizes: aqua for the lady’s wrists and the red version for the men.

The material used for strap is soft silicone with drilled holes for keeping your wrist cool and more sizing options. Also, the Fuse has a bright display based on LED. Due to its clarity and responsiveness, browsing the information and goal screens will be fairly easy.

At the moment there are no smartwatch notifications but Mio Towers says that these functions can arrive with the next upgrade.

Fitness tracking with Mio Fuse

In its essence, Mio Fuse is a bpm monitor, but has a few fitness tracker features, and among them would be distance measuring, calories burned and step counting. Even thought it has no GPS system, the distance recording feature is decent.

Mio Fuse: How to work out the heart rate monitoring

Mio Fuse’s heart monitor is designed to be used only when you work out. All you have to do is to press longer to turn on the optical sensor and quickly tap the timer when the heartbeat has been detected. The battery will last roughly 8 hours if you plan on using for 24/7 count.

Mio Fuse app

Although Mio Go is the app that Mio Fuse is synced with, it is not very easy to understand as it only has a display that show the total workout time, daily breakdowns of stats, workout data, distance and calories.

As we look at the app more, we see that the recorded workouts are presented as an overview with details of heart rate and different averages and maximums ( bpm, pace, speed etc). It is limited but easy to use.

Using the app’s pairing feature, you might notice that sometimes the Fuse listed: ‘˜disconnected’, ‘˜nearby’ and ‘˜waiting’ three times. The solution to this problem is to remove the ‘˜waiting’ and fix the ‘˜nearby’ one.

In the app you have the option to change the metrics, mix the LED alert frequencies, chose your daily goals and even tell on what wrist you will be wearing it.

Battery Life

Mio Fuse’s battery can last up to a week even you plan on wearing on runs which last more than an hour. The charger is easy to use but you can only charge it on the laptop USB port.