Dropcam Pro - Video monitoring and security

The Dropcam Pro is a wireless video monitoring security camera that evolved from the former Dropcam HD. Additionally to the first one, Dropcam Pro has a better image and the feature of two way talking. Moreover, it is easier to set up, install and use.
Also, you can check the place you want it to be monitored anywhere over the Internet, on your smartphone through the Dropcam apps, for both iOs and Android devices.

You also now have a zoom option that works perfectly, you don't have to pay any additional fee for the live viewing, and there is also a Bluetooth adapter that will let you connect in the future other home-monitoring devices and accessories.

The problem that was encountered when testing the Dropcam Pro was the fact that the camera might get some lag with both audio and video. It is true that you also have to have a strong Internet connection for it to work properly, but the camera might also be guilty for it. Another issue is the fact that the camera has no weather protection and therefore you won't be able to place it outside.

Taking both pros and cons into consideration, it is safe to say that the new Dropcam Pro had some serious improvement compared to the previous generation of video monitoring and security camera, that also were quite remarkable.

If you want to have its performance rated, it will go like this: Design 8.0; Features 9.0; Performance 9.0 and Value 8.0.

Compared to any other competitors, Dropcam Pro used a perfectly wireless video monitoring, that is something complicated and not all manufacturers are good with using it. Furthermore, the quality of the video also improved and the hardware too.

If you have never heard of Dropcam Pro, it is probably time to do some research because it probably is the best DIY home-video monitoring, similar to other devices, but with a much better image and audio quality, with a user-friendly interface and a powerful hardware.

You might notice that the Dropcam Pro is very similar to the previous Dropcam HD that is currently called only Dropcam. But the improved version of Dropcam has a black stand, a big larger than the previous one, a six-element with all-glass lens and also, very important, it has a wider image sensor. When it comes to the video quality, know that Dropcam Pro has doubled the sharpness of the video during the day and got a 7x better quality on low light and night conditions.

The new features of Dropcam Pro are related mostly to the apps for your iOS or Android device.You will get the Dropcam app for free and you will be able to access the camera you set up also from a Web browser or a PC. Just for the video monitoring of the house you won't have any additional fee, but you will have to spend money if you also want continuous recording.

The Dropcam Pro it is worth buying, instead of its previous generation, Dropcam HD because you can see a serious improvement on the video quality, that is also allowing you too use the 8x Zoom.

The important thing that this camera achieved is the fact that it provides you with a sharp, qualitative image at a high resolution, without the image getting blurry and out of focus.