Using Whatsapp on your PC as well

You probably didn't know this yet but your favorite keep-in-touch instant messaging app can now be used via the Chrome browser, that means that you can access Whatsapp from your phone, tablet, PC, laptop at the same time. You will further read how can you have Whatsapp on your other devices besides your phone.

Before you proceed in accessing your Whatsapp from the web, you should be aware of the issues that you might encounter.

WhatsApp on the Web limitations: WhatsApp is only available with Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone, and as you might see on the list there are no iOS devices, iPhones, iPads or iPods touch. This is due to the fact that Apple has platform limitations. Also, for the app to work, you will have to use the Chrome browser and also make sure that you fully updated Whatsapp and you are using the latest version.

Whatsapp privacy flaw: There are researches done by a 17-year-old who is concerned by security flaws in online systems, that says that there is a big within the platform, that allows random strangers see your profile picture even if you have it hidden. Also, he mentioned that there are no blurred images in the conversation lists, once you delete them. That means that Whatsapp mobile and your desktop platform is not yet in complete synchronization.

How to actually use WhatsApp on your laptop, tablet, PC:

First step: Know that this is such an easy process you won't believe it. First, make sure you have the Chrome browser because it is the only one that is working. Type on the search bar It should most certainly work if you are using it correctly (namely, right platform and right browser). You will further see a QR code popping up on your screen.

Second step: After you see the pop up on your screen you will further have to get your phone and tap on the Whatsapp icon. Access the app's menu and tap on Whatsapp on the web.

Third step: After tapping the Whatsapp on the web option, you will see that on your phone will pop up a QR code scanner. Read the QR code from the web using the phone and you will automatically see that this will log you in on the web.

Forth step: It will be easy to wise up to it considering that the interface is similar to the one on your phone. Keep in mind that you will be asked if you allow the Desktop notifications. This is not recommendable to enable if you share your PC with someone else.

Fifth step: If you want to start a new conversation, on the Web you will have a search function that will let you do that.

Sixth step: While you are chatting with a contact you will see that the interfaces resemble. On the Web Whatsapp you will have a further option, the view contact info one, that will pop up directly on the conversation tab. You will also have the same markers for the sent, delivered and read messages, namely the single, twin and blue tick markers.

Seventh step: Once you connect on the Web, you will be able to keep track of your logging sessions via the Options button. It will allow you to log out from the current session considering that the app will keep you logged in if you don't send any further commands.