At GDC Intel revealed its Broadwell CPU and Core i7 NUC with Iris Graphics

Intel finished its event located near the Game Developers Conference where it discus more about how they envision the gaming future and their plans of supporting this industry. Intel also gave more information about their upcoming 5th Gen Core processor, Hardware SDK, other graphic developments and of course about many other tools a gamer should have. Some of the guests had a more in-depth talk about new partnerships and program designing meant to diversify not only the gaming world but also the game industry itself.

Two of the company’s major representatives were present and each had a different and interesting topic to talk about. One them was Intel’s Software and Services Group’s Vice President, Pete Baker, which discussed about older products and the company’s future plans. The other spokesperson was Chris Silva, the company’s Marketing for Premium Notebook and Client Graphics Director, mentioned Intel and Android’s plans of supporting their platform. Jean-Michael Detoc of Ubisoft was called on stage to provide information about their partnership with Intel in optimizing Android games for tablet platforms. Jean-Michael did not forget to mention his company’s new Driver ‘“ Speedboat Paradise which will be developed for specially their x86 tablets. Other guest developers talked about methods of enhancing games for 2-in-1 platforms, something which Intel is very interested in.

After this, Silva mentioned some details about two upcoming hardware pieces. One of the company’s new products will be a socketed, 65W desktop processor based on Intel’s own Broadwell model. Also this new product will also feature Iris graphics and will be released around the middle of the year. What makes this product more interesting is the fact that it will be Intel’s first desktop CPU which will have Iris Pro graphics and it will be unlocked. It seems that this new products will be a nice way to show what Iris Pro is able to do with over-clocking.

There have also been given out some details regarding the new NUC small form factor system. Intel’s NUC will be powered up by a quad-core Core i7 processor of 28W and will include Iris graphics. This device will also include a support for high performance M.2 solid state drives alongside its small .63 liter enclosure. The support makes this device similar to the NUC 5i5RYK. The new NUC has some more built-in ‘œbonuses’ such as 802.11 ac. If you are interested in Intel’s new device, the remember that it is rumored to be released around April this year.

Intel has made a partnership with Raptr in order to create games which will use the company’s graphics with easy interface use for the in-game settings and notifications about updates when newer graphics appear. This Raptr utility is similar with NVIDIA and AMD’s feature packs, but their Intel’s graphic support is new. Raptr has built-in tools for those users who want to record or stream their game-plays. This utility will be updated to help Intel’s QuickSync video engine when it comes to the hardware’s acceleration when it comes to encoding videos.

During this even, Intel shone some light on its game development program, ‘œAchievement Unlocked’. The program’s aim is to provide game creators with better tools to help them develop and optimize games using the company’s Atom and Core graphic platforms and processors.’Achievement Unlocked’ was created in order to have better communication between the company and the game developers, assistance and support for different events as the GDC.