The long-waited Office for Touch

The new Office provided by Microsoft for Windows 10 Touch applications is fast, clean-looking and enjoyable. There are some preview versions released and after using them for a day you will be in love with the all new Office system. Some will ask why Microsoft did not offer this simplified version earlier.

Along the years many users complained about the Desktop version and its over-whelming features and menus. So, this version is like the summing up of all the settings and buttons of the regular Office Microsoft have provided until now.

The all new touch-friendly Office applications remind about the regular user interface of Office 2013. Basically, it will have a set of panels with only one document interface for the editing area. Anyway, Microsoft cut out the command structure so it will look less crammed. This comes after all these years when customers asked fervently for Microsoft to offer the possibility to customize the ribbon themselves! The 10-12 different spaces of the ribbon were cut off to six or seven. Also, the panels have been visibly simplified; just like OneNote it will have only one line of options under each heading. All apps will have the File, Home, Insert, Review and View menus. So, For Word it will be added the Layout, for Excel the Formulas and for PowerPoint the Transitions and Slideshow.

The brand new Ink Tools for PowerPoint

The most innovative thing about PowerPoint is the Ink Tools. PowerPoint already offers you the possibility to point and annotate slides when presenting, but this gets a little bit tricky in a dark room. Now users will be able to use pen, highlighter and eraser tools that can be operated with a mouse or stylus in order to highlight explanatory notes during a talk, without having to click through menus to get to them. This is a perfect mean to provide spontaneity to a presentation without extra effort.

The Excel for Touch will be enough?

In Excel Preview we can see the fact that Microsoft has done an awesome job in obtaining a touch-friendly spreadsheet. It is not complicated to select cells, rows or columns with the finger or a stylus. After the selection, a pop-up will appear in order to make things easier for you to operate it. The simplified ribbon is also a tremendous help.

Uneven edges, but nothing overwhelming

As it goes with any preview, there are some things that do not work yet. As an example, the new apps get mixed up when you change your device in and out of Tablet Mode. OneDrive works just fine, but you are not able to open all documents by just using the Office online tools. Other sharing tools will be welcomed like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

Did Microsoft choose wrong when releasing the previews?

Because of the fact that Office for Touch is anticipated to be charge free for tablets and small laptops, its purpose is to sustain Microsoft`s market share and not to obtain direct income. There is no doubt it will become popular and it is said many users will abandon Google Docs in order to come back to Office. Anyway, this will be seen in the future. After releasing the previews, many users stated that they long waited for this simplified version of Office. Some wonder if Word for Touch will be special enough in order to obtain customers loyalty without all the updated of Desktop version of Word. Some say that if Excel won`t function with macros, it will only act like many available Excel clones.