The funniest ad from NTT Docomo

The all known Japan`s mobile carrier NTT Docomo advertised its high-speed data service by frying shrimps in only three seconds in one of its commercial released last year. Today, the company comes back with the second video for the web-only ad series, but this time they are cooking a gyoza in a shorter time!

The new three second cooking commercial was meant to promote the new premium 4G of NTT Docomo, which is an ultra-fast data service. The video has the same strategy as the first commercial.

They basically mock a regular Japanese cooking show. because of the fact that the chef and his assistant used safety goggles and put the vegetables and chopped meat into a high-tech cooking device, we can say that this is not a regular TV show.

After pressing only one button the ingredients jump out of a cylinder, mix together, salt and pepper fly around and end up diving all together in a thin wrapping of dough. Still flying, the dumplings go through flames and in the end land in a special catcher`s mitt. As if this was not enough, the clip is accompanied by an up-tempo Chinese tune.

At the end of the video we have a stopwatch that states the fact that the entire process took less than three seconds, which is meant to remind us of the high-speed of the carrier`s data service. Because of the laughter it arouses, the video became very popular in a short amount of time and it has around 30,000 views per day.