Easy way to obtain a One Plus One phone, no invite necessary

The OnePlus One’s only disadvantage is that it’s incredibly hard to get a hold of. Despite being the 2014 Android phone, you can only get it if you have an invite. From there you are only a (few) click(s) away from actually holding the phone in your hands.

We have provided with a means to get the phone both with and without an invite. (Check out Inside the OnePlus One phone: What the specs don't tell you.)

Getting a OnePlus One phone invite

There are two ways to get a OnePlus One phone. Ask someone who already owns one to give you an invite seen as how they will have a limited number of invites, or you can enter contest hosted by official OnePlus One channels or by third parties. The latter will not guarantee success and will require you give away personal data.

Getting a OnePlus One phone without an invite

Most recently, you can get the phone on its official site where it becomes available every Tuesday starting from 8 a.m. (London time) for a full 24 hours.

Should you miss this chance, below we have explained how to get the phone without an invite.

Strictly speaking, you do not really need an invitation to buy the OnePlus One, but risk not getting a fair trade. Third-party vendors say that they have a stock ready to be shipped to the UK. AliExpress is honest about the fact that they are shipping from China and it charges $495 for the 64GB version plus the additional shipping fees.

Look very closely at the specs as they might not match the UK phone version. For one thing, you will not have an UK charger but you can work with an USB charger. Also, remember to check the correct LTE bands which will work in the UK. AliExpress specifies that will have to wait three weeks for your OnePlus One phone to arrive.

Pre-ordering OnePlus One

The company is currently working on a pre-order system which will enable you to buy the OnePlus One without an invite. You will be able to cancel your order anytime you wish but before it is processed. In the UK, pre-orders start from 3pm.

The firm stated that pre-orders will be made during a limited window of oppurtunity and should the items not be in stock, the order will automatically have pre-order status, and that you will always be kept up to speed with the firm’s best shipping approximation prior to payment submission.

The firm also specified that during that limited window, you can place any number of orders you want but the bigger the number, the longer the shipping estimation. Besides phones, you can buy accessories before the window begins, therefore making a pre-order will be one click away.

OnePlus One in relation with third party services

Thanks to eGlobal Central and Coolicool.com, you can purchase OnePlus One onlie but you will have to wait for International shipping. You can get more infor on their websites.