Replacing Android or iOS keyboard

Tired of your simple keyboard? Whether if you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can get rid of the simple keyboards and try some custom keyboards. Try one where you can swipe the keys instead of typing them or one that guesses the word you want to write next.

How to access your phone keyboard settings and prepare for installing a new keyboard?

Keyboard settings for the Android phones

Note: This guide was made on the settings of an Android phone with a 4.

4.4 KitKat version.

Start by pressing Settings button and scroll down to the Personal section. After that press the button that says Language and input.

After that, head to the Keyboards and Input Methods to see a list of all the keyboards that you have installed on your device.

If you want to switch them, just tap Default and pick one.

The other option is to press the button on the right when you are basically using a keyboard, to enter its settings. Tap it and then go to Appearance and Layouts and then pick the theme that you like.

Every keyboard has its own settings that let you change the height of the keypad for example or to add a dedicated row of number keys.

Keyboard settings for iOS

For iOS, tap the Settings, then General and then Keyboard and you will get to the main iOS Keyboards screen. Tap the keyboard to see a list of active keyboards on your iOS device. When you first setup your device, you will be prompted to choose one language. There will be only one keyboard in that list and it will be on the language that you chosen at the first setup.

If you want to add more keyboards, tap the Add New Keyboard and then choose what you prefer.

Go back to the Keyboards screen if you want to manage your keypads list.

There is a little arrow to the right of a given keyboard. If you tap it, you'll see some options for choosing the desired layout and more.

Remember that if you flip the “Allow Full Access” switch, you will let the keypad send data about your keystrokes. This, basically sends almost anything that you type to the keypad makers, including passwords and accounts.

Just tap the globe key on the keyboard and you can cycle easily through your keyboards.

It is time to snag some keyboards now.

Managing third-party keyboards

Installing a new third-party keyboard on your device sounds hard but it's not hard at all. Find one that you like and simple install it like an app from Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Tap Add New Keyboard on the Keyboards setting screen, for iOS devices. Then tap the new keyboard to add it to your list of active keypads and that's it.

Your new third-party keypad will appear in the Keyboards and Input Methods list if you own an android device. Tap the Default keyboard setting to select it.

There are a lot of keyboard apps on the Apple and Android stores, waiting for you to download them. Here's a list of the ones that you should try first.

Swype app – available for both Android and iOS, at 99 cents

Swype is the first app that introduced the idea of swiping-to-type to smartphones and also one of the first custom keyboards for Android. After it came out, everyone copied it but they couldn't make it so good as the original.

Form words by sliding and looping your finger across the keyboard. It has a fierce competition because certain keyboards came out that have more themes and customization options.

The SwiftKey Keyboard app – for both Android and iOS, free

This app differs by having three-button word prediction that learns how you type by scanning you social networking posts.

It is also able to download fancy words and phrases from the cloud. Those could be perfect for predicting tropical turns of phrase.

SwiftKey has an artillery of customization options on the Android OS. Dozens of themes and the ability tho resize and move the keyboard will make you choose it.

Fleksy – available on iOS for 99 cents and on Android free or 1.99$

Fleksy is a simple keyboard app that minimizes the keyboard to three rows of keys.

The swype feature is present here as well. You can also swipe the other way to delete a word or swipe down to cycle through suggested words.

The app has a lot of gestures but with a little practice you will write messages in seconds. They keyboard can be resized on both Android and iOS and a paid set of pro keypad that contains themes is available.

The GO Keyboard – free on both Android and iOS (paid theme packs)

This app is all about the looks and offers you a wide range of themes. Some of them are free but most of them will cost about 1.99$.

This app even allows you to customize the background of the GO Keyboard with any photo that you want.