How to watch a game like Superbowl 2015 online

It was decided that for the Superbowl 2015 the New England Patriots will take on the Seattle at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. Here are some tips and tricks in order to help you watch it online and avoid some misunderstandings that can appear with every game that is broadcast online.

If you cannot get access to a TV to watch the Superbowl, you do not have to worry.

There are many options on the Internet that can help you watch the show on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC and many other devices with no charge.

How to watch the Superbowl 2015 online:

Channel 4 online

The simplest method to watch this year`s NFL Superbowl is to use the Channel 4 website that provides live streaming of the broadcaster`s coverage and recorded video for those who couldn`t watch it live. It is available in web browsers but you need to know the fact that the 4OD app does not offer live programming.

TV Catchup

Tv Catchup includes Channel 4, but the difference is the fact that it can work with the 4OD app which is great if you want to watch the Superbowl on a mobile device and not on a desktop web browser.

Sky Go or Now TV

Sky Go customers that have sports channels can use Sky Go in order to see live coverage of live streaming like the Superbowl. The Sky Go app can work on many devices and it has a help menu for Android users.

Now TV helps you watch Sky Go programs if you are not a customer of that provider. Now TV can be used with various devices or simply by opening it with a web browser. Anyway, you will be required to have a Sky Sports Day pass for about 6.99 pounds. So, Sky will offer coverage of Superbowl 2015 by using Sky Sports 3.


If you do not use any option above or you are simply not accustomed to those, you can opt for using the official NFL GamePass. It is the first year in the history of Superbowl in which you can use a GamePass. But if your subscription does not have the SUperbowl on the list, you will be charged extra with 29.99 pounds for Season Plus. This is an expensive way of watching the game, but it offers you the opportunity to replay anything you like about the game, playoffs and the games from other years. It is all about the personal preferences!