How to transfer phone contacts

If you misplace your phone, you will not lose your friends telephone numbers too. Here are some quick tips on how to access your phone contacts on your PC, laptop or tablet that can connect to your Google account. Also, you will have the opportunity to share those contact with other apps.

If the contacts are saved correctly on your Android phone, any of them can be found by you by using a web browser on any PC, laptop, phone or tablet that is connected into your Google account. This means that if you lose your phone, you will still have access at your list of phone numbers.

If you want to save contacts to a phone that has Android installed, you will be offered the chance to select where to save them: on your SIM card, your phone memory or directly to your Google account. For Android users it makes a lot of logic to save them on a Google account because of the fact that you will need to transfer them each time you get an upgrade for your phone or a new SIM.

So, to save your contacts to your Google account, open the Settings menu and select the People app and click the Plus sign. When it comes to selecting the contact type, you will have to select Google, and after that to complete the remaining info. Anyway, you can transfer contacts to your Google account after you saved them to your SIM card. Go to Settings, People and click on the three dots in order to get access to Manage contacts. Copy the contacts from phone to the Google account.

After this, you will be able to access your contacts through your Google account from a PC or laptop browser. You will just have to type in the browser`s header the following link httpps:// and sign in. You can click on any contact and edit their info like photo, address, phone numbers, emails and so on.

Google provides you the opportunity to export the contacts into a CSV format in order to import them into another Google account or vCard for the Apple Address Book. This is very simple to achieve, you just have to select the contacts and select More in the menu to find the Export contacts button. After choosing the format click export and you will have your copy of your contacts in the desired format.