How to take advantage of your Android and iPhone contacts

If you want to discover more about the things your phone can do, regardless if it's working on iOS or Android, you should take a look in the “Contacts” field, where you will find all sorts of categories to fill in such as birthdays, anniversary dates, nicknames and so on.

Moreover, you will also be able to block people you don't want to disturb you, you can set a specific ringtone to a specific contact.

Further, you will be reading what else can your phone do, that you probably never noticed.

1. Adding special information about your contact

Whether if you are looking to note your friend's birthday, anniversaries or any other important thing you have to remember, you can save it directly into your phone.

If you enable your Events Calendar on your phone, there will pop up reminders on your screen.

For Android, you can set this up by going in your contact details, and by editing it you will see there is a “Add another field” button, which will let you select the date and the event you want.

For iOS, after opening the contact's details and tapping Edit, you will simply have to scroll until you see the birthday field and you just have to tap it and select the date.

2. Give your close contacts their own ringtones

This is perfect when you want to know who's calling you without having to actually pick up your phone, you will simply know by hearing the ringtone.

For Android: Open the Contact, tap Edit and Set Ringtone, and pick the songs that fits.

For iOS: Open the contact in the Contacts field, scroll until you see Ringtone, tap and choose the song.

3. Creating a custom vibration – Only works on iOS

This means that you can actually set a vibration pattern for different contact. After opening the contact, scroll down until you see Vibration, tap it, and choose Create New Vibration. You will be able to record a new vibration pattern by tapping and swiping your phone. Save, rename your vibration pattern and assign it to one of your contacts.

4. Pinning a contact to your home screen – Only works on Android

For the moments you want to quickly access your favorite contact, this is the perfect way to make this easier for you. Open the contact, tap the Menu button at the top right corner and tap Place on Home Screen. After doing that, your contact will appear on your home screen and you will be able to easily call, message or see any additional information about it.

5. Blocking a contact

This is for the people your seriously want to avoid.

For Android: Pick the contact, tap on the Menu button, and then tap All calls to voicemail. If you change your mind about the person you just blocked, you can follow the same steps to undo the action.

For iOS: Open the contact, and scroll down until you see Block this Caller. If you want to see all the people on your black list, you can go to Settings-Phone-Block. If you want to unblock the contact you will follow these steps, tap the Edit button and remove the one you want.

6. Adding a nickname

If you have your wife in your phone with her full name, but you want the phone to recognize a command such as “Call my wife”, here's what you should do.

For Android: Open the contacts card, tap the menu button, tap Edit and scroll until you see the Add another field button. Tap it and search for the Nickname category. Type in the nickname, and save it. If you will search the person after the nickname on your search button you will see that the contact will appear by its real name.

For iOS: Open the contact, tap Edit and Add field, search for the Nickname field, add the nickname and save it.

7. Adding a phonetic name

For the persons that have a really hard-to-pronounce name, you should definitely do this.

For Android: Adding a phonetic translation right under the contact's name is almost the same like adding a nickname or birthday. Open the contact, tap Edit, tap Add field, add the Phonetic name field and you're done.

For iOS: Open the contact card, add another field with the Phonetic name and save it.

This will also help Google and Siri voice's commands to easily recognize a name in your address book.