A Guide to Replacing iPhone Battery (iPhone 5 or iPhone 4)

Apple specifies that iPhone batteries should deliver 80 percent of its full capacity after 500 charge cycles. That means lower capacity than when you first bought it. If your battery runs off in less than a day with normal use, you should consider replacing it.

You can replace the battery at the Apple store or if you’re low on budget you can change it yourself following some simple steps.

Getting the battery out of your iPhone requires you to open the case and you should be able to do that using a standard screwdriver.

You can order genuine iPhone batteries from eBay for £10-15 but make sure that you purchase a battery that is compatible with your exact iPhone. See in the list below the part numbers for the different models of iPhone:

– iPhone 4: 616-0520 or 616-0513

· iPhone 4S: 616-0580

· iPhone 5: 616-0613

· iPhone 5C: 616-0667

· iPhone 5S: 616-0728

Other tools you will need to replace your iPhone battery: a standard Philips 00 screwdriver, a plastic pry tool and a suction cup. A Pentalobe screw could easily remove the screws in the bottom of the iPhone. You can find toolkits containing all these tools or you can purchase them along with the battery for a lower price.

iPhone 5 (plus 5C or 5S) Battery Replacement Instructions

– Be sure to turn off your phone by pressing and holding down the power button. Slide the on-screen button to the right.

– Loosen the two bottom screws on the edge of your iPhone with a Pentalobe screwdriver. Keep the screws organized to avoid losing them.

– Slide off the screen by using the suction cup to pull the section closest to the home button. You need to open up a small gap so you can begin to pry the screen open. Pay attention not to disconnect the TouchID cable from the bottom half of the phone.

– Insert the pry tool under the screen from the bottom to the middle of each side and release the clips holding the screen to the phone.

– It is possible to replace the battery without setting aside the screen from the phone, by holding the screen at 90 degrees throughout the process. If you do want to remove the screen, use your Philips 00 screwdriver to remove the metal plate securing the screen's cables to the phone. Then, carefully detach each connector and remove the screen.

– Remove the two screws from the metal plate which secures the battery contacts to the motherboard.

– Lift the battery out of the case by using constant pressure to unstick it. You can use the pry tool very carefully against the motherboard to ease it up but without applying too much pressure.

– Once the old battery is out, install the new one. Make sure the cable is routed and bent so the connector is lined up with the motherboard. Gently push it into place and lean the metal plate down to secure it.

– If you unhooked the screen entirely, position the cables correctly into place and then replace the metal plate, inserting the lugs first.

– Slip the screen back on and make sure it isn't protruding by more than half a millimeter. Then, gently push the screen down working your way from the top to the bottom until it clicks into place.

– Recharge your phone and then turn it on.

iPhone 4 or 4S Battery Replacement Instructions

In this case you should do your job with a standard Philips 00 screwdriver however if your model uses five-pointed star screws you can easily remove them using a Pentalobe screwdriver.

– Turn off the iPhone 4 by holding the power button until the red slider appears. Slide the slider and the phone will turn off.

– Unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the iPhone, using either Philips 00 or Pentalobe screwdriver. Keep the screws organized to avoid losing them.

– Slip off the rear cover carefully.

– Remove the single Philips screw that connects the battery to the motherboard or the two screws that connect the battery to the motherboard of iPhone 4S.

– Stick the pry tool and lift the connector up from the top and bottom edges. A black contact clip is situated below the connector and you can either remove it or leave it in place.

– Remove the battery by carefully pulling the plastic tab. The battery is held in place with some glue and you should apply more force to release it.

– Reconnect the contact clip in the proper position. Place the battery connector into the board and tighten the screw to secure it.

– Slip the rear cover back on and replace the two screws. Recharge the new battery.