What about the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900?

Netgear first appeared as a 802.11ac router that has a system on chip namely Broadcom's BCM4709. This is actually working with a 1GGHz dual-core ARM Cortez-A9 processor.
It has all kind of features and it also works remarkably. However, its competitor that appeared later in the year, might be if not as good as it, better than this one.

First, Netgear used fixed internal antennas for any wireless router they made. And considering that Asus' Wi-Fi router have an external removable antenna, it recorded a better performance in comparison with the Netgear one.

Therefore, there appeared also removable antennas on the R7000, which, similar to the Asus RT AC66U had a hanging system that would allow you to place it on a wall. Moreover, the name of the new router, Nighthawk pretty much resembles to the idea of the Dark Knight, that is the same of the Asus' product.

The problem with the external antennas was the industrial design that they supported. And also, a conglomeration of buttons and LEDs, USB ports, Internet connection, Ethernet ports and and many others.

Netgear classifies the product as being an AC1900 router that is able to support physical link rates of 1300 mbps on its 5GHz radio and of 600 mbps on its 2.4 GHz radio. The Quadrature amplitude modulation of this device is 256-QAM. Usually, a router has only 64-QAM which makes this one work its way to the top.

The problem with the routers is that it is not enough a 2.4 GHz, 802.11n device for it to work faster, you will also have to make sure that the QAM rate is high.

The Nighthawk resembles the Asus RT-AC68U very much, but it is superior from two points of view. First of all, the Netgear router is offering a downstream Quality of Service which is something that a few routers can offer. Asus is one of the routers that don't have this specification. Therefore, the Nighthawk can allow you to enjoy the network traffic such as the Netflix streaming and make it have a bigger priority compared to other activities you are doing. The second thing that makes the Nighthawk superior to other routers is the fact that is has a better parental control features. There will be websites blocks only by some keywords and also you can impose a schedule on the time your children will stay on the internet. You can also activate the option of receiving an email every time someone tries to connect to a blocked website.

With the OpenVPN option you can make sure that you safely access your home network. Also, the router can support a USB printer and a USB storage device.

In conclusion, the NetGear Nighthawk works perfectly fine, it is fast, without any lagging, is has very appealing features and you can get it for only $200. Using this router, you can make sure that you will never ever have video streaming problems ever again.