The APC's Back-UPS ES 700

If you want to protect your PC from the power loos, the Back-UPS ES 700 is the perfect option for you. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) represents a smart device that is designed to provide protection for your PC and other devices from power errors. It also helps you use less electricity which is a great advantage for power saving.
Four of the sockets are powered by the battery when the power is cut and allow you enough time to safely shut down your computer. The other four sockets offer surge safety.

APC`s Back-UPS ES 700G offers you a brand new characteristic: the power saving. It represents a huge battery with eight standard sockets. So, when your system gets more power than the threshold, the slave sockets automatically turn on. If the master socket goes under the power threshold like it happens when your PC is turned off, the slave sockets are also turned off. You can set up manually the threshold in order to use the ES 700G with any device as a master.

The ES 700G does an awesome job when it comes to protecting your PC and data. Its USB output allows the set up PowerChute PC software to closely monitor the UPS. As an example, if the battery is low, the software will put your computer to hibernate mood, which will protect all open files and applications from losing data. It is easy to use and it functions properly, so it offers you the opportunity to turn off the PC between one to five minutes after switching on battery.

As an example, if you own a quad-core Core 2 Quad PC and a 22 inch monitor that are plugged into the battery sockets, the PowerChute software will say that you have about nine minutes on battery power. In other words, the time is closely linked on how long the 700VA will last.