Servers in space - the idea the Big Data company

If you think at NASA, comets or space exploration, these things are going to amaze you. On the other hand, if you think at moving data servers in space, it just won't be a good idea. The Connectx company thought at building servers outside Earth, into space, on a platform.

A network of server-satellites that would sit in orbit and transmit data to and from the ground-based stations is the ConnectX proposal. By using a propriety network of symbols, the data transmitting will happen and all of these were developed by this company. They are planning to put those satellites in orbit and power them with some huge solar installations but in this way, there will be some problems.

Talk about space, put Big Data away

Space is the most harsh and difficult zone that you can encounter. It is hard and full of cosmic rays and radiations. If the servers are going to be built in the low earth orbit, they will get a substantial shielding but they will have to be different. The International Space Station computers are commercial off the shelf systems but a satellite in the low earth orbit has to be built different if you want it to have a significant processing capability. The operating system must be changed and also the cooling system because the traditional forced-air cooling won't work.

Solar arrays are a very good way to generate power and if built on a satellite, the solar radiation will be a lot stronger in space than at ground. This idea was always been floated as an option for the modern equipments but building and placing it there, nowadays, it's very hard or even impossible.

Placing things in space is a desire that the mankind always had. Although, if you can put some certain thing up there, it doesn't necessary mean that you should do it.

The most cheapest satellites are being proposed by the ConnectX company in its proposal and the weird thing is it that this satellites have a weak processing power. It is impossible to build high speed data servers in space that will transfer and hold data with the cheapest technology. The fortune states that the costs of this project gone down dramatically but the will rise because the lift of this entire system into orbit is not as cheaper as the rest of the project.

A new method of radio transmission is announced by ConnectX and they say that it can dramatically boost the total bandwidth. This will improve Big Data analysis by packing more information into each symbol. ConnectX puts the basic difficulties aside and claims that they can improve the storage capacity and the cost with their unique space-based platform.

ConnectX plans to do all of this with the help of a well trained staff. With the help of an economist, biologist, futurist, security consultant, some managers and a professor of electrical engineering they want to send that satellite into space. Also, a professor of mathematics, a research physicist and some other executives gonna take part in this. The team seems highly capable but it doesn't contain not a single engineer and this project continues to be dubious.