Sabrent Rotatable Hub

Most tablets and Ultrabooks available on the market today will only offer a single full-size USB port and sometimes it may not be enough for the increasing number of users of these devices.

If you are fortunate enough to have any USB jacks at all, like on a Microsoft Surface, you likely only have one. That may be enough for most occasions, but it is helpful to have the option for more, if needed.

For devices with limited number of USB ports, an alternative option is to use the Sabrent 4-port USB Rotatable Hub.

Find out if this product suits your needs by reading about its strong and weak characteristics below.

Strong points

The Sabrent Rotatable Hub is about the size of your two thumbs put together which means it won’t weigh down your pockets or suitcase. The tablet provides power through its single USB port and the moment you plug the hub into your device’s USB jack, a blue led light will notify you that it’s working. If the power light is off there is a problem with the power supply or your Hub.

The USB connector can be rotated, fitting the designs of different devices and workspaces. The rotating turret clicks into place at 0, 90, and 180 degrees.

You also don’t have to worry about the price as the Sabrent's hub is sold for only $5.99 USD. Basically you’ll be able to connect additional devices to your tablet or laptop for a low budget.

Ultimately, the great thing about this product is that it does the job you need it to do at a very reasonable price.


Because of its cable-free design, it becomes a little ridiculous hanging on the side with a few devices plugged into it. It got the job done but at the expense of looking rather silly. This can be viewed as an aesthetic shortcoming by some.

The Sabrent 4-port USB Rotatable Hub comes with a major flaw, it doesn’t accept USB 3.0. It’s a relevant remark, considering how laptops and tablets using the USB 3.0 version are the most frequent.

The main purpose this device was created is to help you connect several peripherals like a mouse, or for charging the battery of your gadgets. Even when the situation requires the use of a flash drive, it is more often for documents, not large file transfers. Before buying you should take into account that this hub is made for users who need to use multiple devices simultaneously rather than demand high transfer speed.


Sabrent's 4-port USB Rotatable Hub is a budget-friendly USB hub meant to facilitate the connection of several additional devices, when using the Ultrabooks. You can save time by transferring data in between drives without having to take turns unplugging cables from your tablet.

If you’re looking for high speed performance or high-class aesthetics don’t bother purchasing this device. Otherwise the Sabrent's 4-port USB Rotatable Hub should come in handy on the occasions you need it.

Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub is currently available for sale on Amazon for $5.99.