How good is actually the Roku Streaming Stick?

There are many streaming sticks on the market and before choosing your favorite one you will have to do some research on the options you have. Think about what do you need from it? You want to have the lowest possible price or you want something qualitative irrespective of its price?

The Roku 3500XB Streaming Stick got some pretty good reviews from people that have been already using it. Reading the reviews won't let you disappointed if you buy the stick and it is not what you have expected.

Further, there will be described everything you must know before buying the streaming stick.

The advantage with Roku Streaming Stick is that you can easily watch more than 1000 channels, and more than that, you will have there over 31 000 movies with the list constantly upgrading. You will enjoy a lot of movies, TV episodes, sports, news, music, cartoons and so many more. The Roku Streaming stick also comes with an easy to use remote. Moreover, for your own comfort, you can download the Roku app for both Android or iOS, and it will allow you to choose your favorite things to watch straight from your phone. Also, with the Netflix and YouTube app you can watch movies from your smartphone straight to your TV. Also, the app itself will search for your favorite movies and shows on channels such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video and VUDU. It will also compare the prices for you. The shortcut button will let you jump directly to your all time favorite channels.

Keep in mind that some channels and some movies will require additional payments from you.

There are other things that you should consider while choosing the best Streaming Stick for you. And further, you will read some additional information about the Roku 3500XP Streaming stick that will help you decide to easily buy it.

First, the Certificate Refurbished means that it is manufacturer refurbished, shows no signs of use and includes all the accessories that the original kit had. You will also get a warranty for 90 days.

Second, the streaming stick design it is extremely compact and you can easily hang in on a wall considering that the plugs almost don't show up.

Third, you can choose from more than 1000 channels to watch and they are upgrading this list daily. You will have by far the most movies, sports, cartoons, news, music and so on channels than any streaming player.

Forth, you can control the device with either a remote or your mobile. Use your Android or iOS device for a more comfortable action.

And last but not least, you have an amazing video quality, due to the 1080p HD.

In conclusion, the device it is highly recommended by all reviews and by all the people that are already using it. But before buying it, it is advisable to read again the full description, full specifications and all the details of the product. Keep in mind that this is told to be a must have product.