Choosing the perfect portable vehicle GPS

There are many portable vehicle GPS devices on the market, but if you want one that functions well, it is not so expensive and it is really practical, gets you with no errors from the point A to point B you should seriously take a look at the Garmin nuvi 52LM GPS. Not only ir does its job very well, but it comes with a nice looking design, a 5'' screen, constant updates for the maps, a suction cup mount, the power cord and the sensitive touch screen.

The GPS, like many others, will give you voice indications about the streets you are supposed to turn to, it tells you how the streets are named, the interface is user-friendly considering that there are no complicated things you have to memorize for using it, and also easy-to-use applications that will save you a lot of time.

One of the things that really pops out about this GPS is the 5'' screen Almost none of the other ones on the market have this big screen for this price. The larger screen is very helpful and recommended, and this is because you won't have to get too distracted from your driving. The manufacturers managed to widen the screen but keep its weight at the same level.

With the Garmin GPS you will never have issues in your entire life, considering that when you buy it, you will be informed that it is updated for life.

The Garmin GPS also comes with a vehicle suction cup mount, that requires no extra fees, can be placed on any windshield and it doesn't affect neither the device nor the car.

Garmin GPS based its interface on simplicity and user friendly assets. From the first time you will be using it, you will see how easily you will understand how it functions, starting from the route planning to saving any destinations, the Garmin portable vehicle GPS won't give you any headaches.

When choosing the route, Garmin GPS will first give you the best suggestion for you to take. But however, if you are not pleased with its choice, you can easily change the route until you are happy with it.

Other apps that you will find very useful are: the view map icon, there I am icon, lane assist, junction view and points of interest.

The view map icon it helps you easily see your location without further directions and you can also save in the device specific points of interest that mean something to you, such as home or office.

The where I am feature will instantly locate your position and will give you relevant information on the directions to any police station, hospitals and so on.

The Junction review helps you better see the highway with all the important signs on the way.

The lane assist feature will work in pair with the junction one, in order for you not to miss your intersection when you are on the highway.

The Garmin is really practical, affordable, and it is also user-friendly. The GPS doesn't have any features that you won't need, it has one job of giving you directions and it does it well.