Specifications of Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon, might had been a little late with the Fire TV technology, but is probably the cheapest way to enlighten your living room. You can buy it for only $39, being cheaper than the Roku and only a couple of dollars more than Google's Chromecast.

If you receive Amazon's newsletter you will see that you will get their offers from the catalog probably on daily basis, but also for a full experience you should be subscribed also to the most popular third-party services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Crackle, Twitch or Pandora.

You will see each one of them at up to 1080p.

Moreover, if you have any photos, videos, music, movies and so on uploaded on the Amazon's cloud, you will be able to see and play them to the Fire TV Stick. There is also the popular Plex app, providing you the opportunity of streaming directly from your media PC.

The set up and installment of the Fire TV Stick is not difficult at all. You just have to get out of the plastic bag the stick and place it in a HDMI port. The device comes already logged in with your Amazon account and supposing that your TV will provide it with enough power, you won't need an additional external power supply.

Still, not to have issues with it later, Amazon gives a USB to microUSB cable to connect the stick from the TV's USB port to a regular AC adapter.You will also get a HDMI extender cable, When you are done with this process,all you will have to do is to turn everything on and what there will be left will be last step of adding the WiFi credentials.

However, the costs of simplicity have effects on the device's flexibility You will only have a dual-band port with a dual-antenna MIMO WiFi. Generally, people didn't have any problems with the lag from the wireless connection, having the router across the room.

The Amazon has an advantage that Chromecast still didn't implement: a physical remote. It has the main functions, but unfortunately it doesn't have any voice detection or any built-in microphone.

Even if it was mentioned the fact that you don't have any voice search, you can get for $29.99 the original remote that also has the option of enabling voice search. Moreover, Amazon gives the option of having voice search in their free smartphone apps.

For cost-efficient purposes, Amazon placed a smaller hardware than you would normally find in a normal Fire TV box. It only has a dualcore Broadcom Processor and 1GB of memory.

However, it is more than the Roku Streaming Stick or Chromecast offers, and also the twice as much memory storage than any of the two competitors. The only issue that some might argue is the fact that there aren't that many games you can choose from. This would be a real problem only if you are buying it for your family – children included.


If you are already a subscriber of Amazon, the Fire TV stick is a no-brainer, and it is extremely convenient to have the Amazon catalog on your TV for a sum of $39.

If you are not a subscriber, you will have to get out of your pockets about $99.