Shoot a selfie without a remote control

If you are not sure what does this mean, the explanation is simple: find the perfect way to use your selfie stick without having a remote control. Considering that lately some of the most common selfie sticks come in without a remote control or even a Bluetooth adapter, you should know that there are methods for taking perfect selfies.

Selfies, are the viral thing that is going on right now.

People are taking selfies doing anything and everything and manufacturers are doing the best they can for them to improve their devices. The main thing that came onto the market was the quality of the photos taken with the front camera. And for that, for example, the HTC Desire Eye has the top 13 MP front camera.

The selfie sticks, even if they look stupid most of the times, they can be really helpful. First of all, with a selfie stick, you won't have to struggle so much when it comes to a group selfie where usually someone doesn't fit in the photos. Also, after getting used to it and you get to hold it at the right angle, you will no longer see in your photos the “selfie elbow”, or in other words, a part of your arm that makes it obvious that the photo is a selfie.

The thing is that a selfie stick is almost something that you must own, becoming an everyday-use accessory. Know that, this is the reason why you can find so many selfie sticks on the market, with prices that range from a few pounds to £50.

The reason why here we talk about taking a selfie without a remote control is that usually, the selfie sticks comes with a Bluetooth connectivity that lets you take the photo. Moreover, there are selfie sticks like the ones from Olixar Smart Selfie Pole that have a built-in shutter button at the bottom part of the stick, the one that you hold your hand onto. The thing is that the ones that have either a shutter button or a Bluetooth connectivity are the most expensive ones, this is why you should learn how to take a selfie with a selfie stick that doesn't have any remote control.

First: Taking a selfie using the self-timer

When you don't have any remote control for taking the photo, you will have to use what your phone offers. So, taking a picture without actually pressing the button or tapping the screen, is to use the self-timer. Almost every phone starting from the ones using Android KitKat or iOS 8 have the possibility of letting you enable a self-timer, that means that the phone will take the picture with a delay of 3 to 10 seconds.

If you are not sure how to find the self-timer, check the App Store or the Google Play market to find an app that does this.

Second: Taking a selfie using gestures

The second way not to use a professional selfie stick is to take the picture by using a gesture, obviously with the arm that is not holding in place the stick.

If you have an iPhone, you should probably check out the GoCam app from Crunchfish, and download it from the App Store. This free app will let you take a selfie by waving your hand from up to 10 feet away.

Another app for you iPad or iPhone is the CamMe that does almost the same thing with the gesture recognition.

The third recommended app is the Selfie Cam which is an app that will automatically take a selfie anytime you smile.

For the Android devices, a good app is the Whistle Camera, that will take a selfie if you whistle and smile.

Voice commands: Keep in mind that both iOS and Android devices support voice commands, that means that you will be able to take selfies just by using your voice.