Goorgle's streaming Media Player

There are many pros and cons when taking about a streaming media player. With Goggle Chromecast HDMI streaming Media Player, the advantages are that it is quite cheap, easy to use and it has a reliable Netflix streaming. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that you don't any direct streaming from other devices.

The streaming media player comes with an integrated Wi-Fi, a HDMI extender, 1080p support.

Chromecast is actually the latest google releases, and it is a lotmore functional than Google Glass, Nexus 5 or Nexus 7.

Specifically, the little black box with a HDMI port will be plugged into your TV and it will let you stream. You can play videos from Youtube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix or any other source there you can find. The streaming goes from a device such as your mobile to your TV. And you can do that for only £30-£40.

The design of Google Chromecast is elegant, the device is a bit larger than a USB memory stick, but it has implemented within a small computer.

However, the aim is not to bring Android or even Chrome on your TV, but to transform your regular TV into one with streaming functions.

When it comes to Apps and streaming performance, the Google Chromecast doesn't have a remote control itself, but you control it with your phone or tablet. Even if you might think that due to the fact that it is a Google product so it theoretically should only work with Android devices, it will perfectly do the job with an Apple device as well.

The actual function of the device is to let you stream whatever you are watching, listening to, or playing on your phone, on your TV. For example, you can choose an episode of your favorite TV show and see it directly on your TV. You can also have apps that run in the background, so you can therefore check your emails if the TV show bores you.

Of course, it was expected that the Android apps will be more compatible to the device. With an Android device you will also get additional support. There are many Chromecast app that appear on a daily basis, so it is recommended for you to check the list as often as you can.

There are many good apps, and the ones that got the higher rates are: 4OD, LoveFilm, Now TV, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and MX player.

The Chrome plug-in in action

The issue with this is that you can't stream the content directly from your phone's internal storage. For example, if you want to play a video, you won't be able to stream it from the personal videos folder, you will have to use the Videos app, not the Google Play Movies one. For your help, you can get the Plex app, which supports a variety of media formats and lets you stream videos from your phone.

However, after you use the device, you will notice that it is a bit uncomfortable the fact that you can't stream directly on your TV.