Amazon Fire TV stick - second part

Setting-up the Amazon Fire TV

The set up of the Amazon Fire TV is easier than you might think. Considering that when you order the device, it only comes with two AA batteries, a power cable, a remote and the black box. First, plug the power cable and connect it to the stick through the HDMI port, from the Fire TV to your own TV.

There is also the possibility of connecting it with the Ethernet cable, but it is not necessarily.

You will further get guidance from the Fire TV, on how to proceed. When your kit will arrive, it will already have signed in your account yet you will have to watch a boring movie about it.

At the moment of ordering the device, if you already have bought music or any media content from Amazon, you will instantly have them linked with the Amazon Fire TV. Also, if you are already subscribed to the Amazon Prime, you will be able to watch tons of other videos to watch.

The Remote of the Amazon Fire TV

When buying the Amazon Fire TV you will also receive a remote like on any other device. The remote has a simple design and it is very light, even if it has the batteries inserted.

The material from which the black box is made is very soft, so it makes the device pleasing to hold. The problem is that you will constantly have to clean it up because any fingerprint will show up.

The remote has seven buttons on it: for media control it has three of them, a back, home and the option buttons, but also the microphone button. A small plastic ring will be used as the directional pad. For the microphone button, the Fire TV got the most credits. If you press and hold it down, you will be able to use your voice to give vocal commands to your Fire TV. You can even search for games, apps and so on.

The only major issue that the remote has is that you can't search for anything across any third-party app such as Netflix, Hulu or Plex. Even so, the voice search is functioning perfectly.


Leaving the fun voice-search part out of the discussions, the most important thing when it comes to such a device is its software. On the home screen you will see the categories to browse within: Search, Home, Prime Video, Music, TV, Games and others.

The interface is highly organized. You will have a list of titles on the right, that will bring you the newest titles or the most popular contents in every section. In the Home section you will find your recommended apps, featured music, videos, movies. Furthermore, each category has a list presented with large images. You also have the option to add something to your watch list, or in other words, the watch-it-later list. The content you have already watched is also stored there.

The problem some consumers have with the Fire TV's interface is the fact that you can't check the prices in a specific, individual list. In order for you to see the price of anything, you will have to navigate, look for it, tap it and see all the details.