A review on the Apple TV MD199LL/A


– Stream video, music, and pictures from your computer or iOS device
– Stream content by wireless, rented or purchased from iTunes to your TV in the high resolution of 1080p
– Nice addition to your current iOS setup
– Netflix, HuluPlus and many more can be used


– It doesn't integrates very well with the Windows
– No component outs for SD TVs
– Cannot stream Amazon, Pandora or HBO GO

Your purchased content from iTunes can be streamed directly trough wireless on the Apple TV. It also plays content from your computer or from your iOS device by using Airtunes system. Its interface is a normal Apple one and you won't find better.

Also, setup can be done in a matter of minutes and this TV might really be for you.


Setting it up

Apple made all its products simple and good so just connect the Apple TV to your HDTV with a HDMI cable. Follow the instructions that will appear on screen and all should be good. A 5 digit key that you received with your TV should be typed into iTunes on your computer so you can sync them. That's pretty much all you need to do.

The content

The iTunes feature it is a primordial one because, due to it, you can play any movie or TV show or song directly from your desktop or your laptop. The iTunes store gets the latest things faster than anyone so if you look for something on iTunes and it's not there yet that means you can't probably find it elsewhere. All perfect so far but this has a downside also. Any content you will find there that you'll want to download, won't be free but if money aren't a problem for you, the Apple TV is the best choice.

Netflix, Youtube and Huluplus can also be used on the Apple TV. While Apple can use those, some other companies got HBO GO, Pandora, Crack and few more others.

The features

The Apple TV cannot really be compared to the other products out there on the market. If you do not have other Apple products, it won't integrate with them. If you do have though, here's a couple of things that you should know.

– the ability to stream music from the iTunes
– the airplay feature that allows you to set pictures, play music or videos on the TV from any other iOS device that you own, all via wireless
– the airplay mirroring allows you to mirror your Mac screen with your TV one. You will need Mountain Lion OS in order to do that.
– the iTunes match gives you the option to store all of your music on the iCloud and access it from anywhere you want for only 25$ per month. You don't need a computer to do this and you can also use the Apple TV to access it.

Its value

The Apple TV comes at a price of just under 100$ and for some people, it seems overpriced. In this case, you can get the Roku LT at half of the price but you won't have the 1080p output and the ethernet jack on the Roku.

If the TV itself costs just 100$ wait to see the iTunes products prices. Selling the TV's won't offer a lot of profit to Apple, the iTunes purchasing will do. Like this, Apple wins clearly the fight vs Roku.


If you want a streaming product, there are two of them that will do perfectly. First one is the presented Apple TV and the second one is the Roku. If the money aren't a problem and you don't want to choose from what is free, Apple is your option, especially if you own other Apple products.