The mini 8 Instant Film Camera from Fujifilm is taking over its competitors

Fuji put out on the market the new Instax Mini 90, which promises to be one of the best you can get, with its way nicer design. Nevertheless, it is a bit more expensive.

The newest release of Fuji when it comes to instant cameras is the Fuji Instax Mini 8.

If you were not passionate about Instax Mini film until now, you must know that the Instax Mini 8 is the smallest it can get, it has the size of your wallet and it is almost half size of the traditional Instax film, but it uses the same processes.

Not knowing what to expect from its reviews and specifications, if you are into Instax Mini film you should definitely give it a try. It will be a reliable friend when it comes to events, such as weddings. However, it is not necessarily recommended for professional uses, considering that it has a small format, but it is great for fun.

How to use and control it?

The design of the new camera is a bit different than what you would normally expect. Usually, a Fuji camera (but it is the same for Polaroid as well) has a turn on/off flash button and a shutter, and that is about it. Even if this camera doesn't have the flash button, which might be an issue sometimes, it has a lot of other exposure options that you can manually adjust. Turn the camera on by pressing the switch that is placed near the lens and adjust the exposure. You will turn off the camera by pressing the lens back in. After you get used to this model, you will find out it is pretty easy to use.

The odd thing about the controls of the camera is the fact that it has the viewfinder on the right side of the camera, which is the opposite of any other cameras on the market. This is usually positioned on the left side or tops, on the center of it. You can use a trick to satisfy your memory about the right-positioning, and that is to turn the camera counterclockwise, so you have the button on the right place. But the problem is that than you will be forced to take all your photos in landscape mode.


The lens of your new Instax Mini 8 are 600mm wide angled, with a stable focus range of 6 meters that it goes to the horizon. The lens seem to be good, sharp, qualitative, but the problems appear when you are trying to focus objects that are close to you.

About distortion there aren't many things to be said: there is a very subtle distortion even if you take photos of plain objects/walls.


Different than any other instant cameras which have an automatic exposure adjustment, the Fuji Instax Mini 8 has a manual one. It also gives you suggestions on which level of the four you should use. The odd thing is that usually cameras have this exposure detection within, so the manual selection adds an extra step when taking a photo.

Build Quality

As previously mentioned, the size of the camera is really small, unlike the 210 for example. The advantage is that you can easily carry it around in a large coat pocket. The camera needs two AA batteries.

One of the cutest things about the Mini instant camera is fact that it comes in a lot of beautiful pastel s.


The Fuji Instax Mini 8 has great looks and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. You can use it just fine for any party, event or wedding.