Get your SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player

When you are looking forward to buy some MP3 Player, you have many things you have to take into consideration: quality, size, design, memory and so on. There are very many devices on the market with many pros and cons, you only have to search for the only one that suits you best.

As any other MP3 Player, the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ has its advantages and disadvantages.

It has a good format support, it is highly valuable, and more important, it has an expandable memory so you can gather all your favorite tracks. On the other hand, the reasons why you would back down in buying it the fact that is has an excessive volume limiting in EU mode, it has a low-res screen and a design that could suggest a cheap-feeling, it has some bugs, poor EQ and limited battery life.

The MP3 player supports tracks with MP3/WMA/FLAC/OGG formats, it's easy to be carried around considering it only has 25g, 1.1in 96 x 96 pixel screen; 4/8GB memory; microSD slot.

The manufacturer of the player is SanDisk.

Usually, if you want a sophisticated design, a full-size MP3 player with a high audio quality, you might think about turning your choices towards Apple's iPod. But if you aren't that picky, there will be no reasons not to choose SanDisk MP3 Player. It comes in a variety of s, it has a lot of functions and it costs significantly less that the nano iPod.

The SanDisk Clip Zip si plastic made and it doesn't use the touchscreen technology. However, when you first see it, you will see the similarities with the iPod nano. On its back it has attached a shirt clip, an asset that makes it the best MP3 for runners and for the gym. Not only this, but the fact that it is only 14mm thick and it only has 25g, will make you forget that you have something in your pockets while working out.

Another advantage that the Clip Zip has is the fact that no iPod has an expandable memory, so if you buy the 8GB version of it with only £45 and you further add a 32GB card, you will have a 40GB memory MP3 Player. And moreover, the price difference is huge, considering that a 16GB nano iPod costs £130.

Another feature that the player has, is that it has a small mic on top of it, an FM radio with recording, using the headphone's cable as its antenna.

Of course there are downsides as well, like the fact that it doesn't have any Bluetooth adapter, which is primarily used by any wireless headphones, and it has no app support.

The Clip Zip has an acceptable design and quality of construction, it has a plastic screen, in comparison with the glass ones. The good thing is that the MP3 player is resistant even if looks fragile.

The only area where the nano iPod has a clear victory, is when we talk about the quality of the images and the text. the 96 x 96 pixel resolution is half the pixel density of the Apple competitor.

But if don't care that much about the s on the screen, the SanDisk Sansa Clip is the right choice.