What should you know about the apple watch? - part 1

The first shipment of the all-time waited wearable tech device, the Apple watch, will be in April. Even if it was announced in September, a lot of people are excitedly waiting for its shipment.

The Apple Watch is probably the most innovative and new product category from the Cupertino company, but more than that, it is something new for the whole wearable tech industry.

Nobody knows how the watch will actually function and look, but there are a lot of hints about it.

The Square Apple – Even if watches usually have a round face, the Apple watch will be a square one with round corners. There will be in two sizes and it is assumed that there will be one for women and one for men.

There will be more than one editions for these watches, so you will be able to chose the material of the watch. The thing that all will have in common is the crystal sapphire face, which is, as studies show, the second hardest transparent material known to humans. There will be less scratches on the watch than you would normally expect.

Display dimension – The pixel count for the watch depends on the size category previously mentioned. So, for the 42mm version it will be 390 x 312 pixels and for the smaller one, the 38mm version, it will have 340 x 272 resolution.

Hardware mysteries – There are no leaks on the Apple Watch's specs but it is known that a completely new chip will be used.

A wearable tech device is based on sensors, and therefore, the watch will surely have at ;east a gyroscope ad accelerometer for your movement and health tracking.

Apps galore – The Apple Watch will have a lot of fans in the line of the app developers, making it become a must-have device. Apple has already announced the partnership with some of the biggest high profile app makers such as American Airlines, the MLB and Honeywell. You will be able to control a lot of features with only a touch on your wrist.

Apple's apps onboard – The new apps will allow to watch to become exactly what you need it to be: a stopwatch, a timer, alarm system or even a world clock, a weather app and many others. You can check your calendar, listen to your favorite music and use it as a remove for the Apple TV.

Don't forget Siri – Who doesn't wish to have a voice recognition asset on their watches? You will be able to use it for writing messages or even find places and check your calendar.

Apple Watch third party apps – For example, what we already know is that Facebook and Twitter are already in when it comes to Apple Watches. Other third parties that will be involved in this project are American Airlines, the W Hotels (that will allow you to use your watch instead of your room key), City Mapper, Pinterest and so on.

One of the most wanted apps is the BMV one. It will give you information such as how much charge in left, the exact location of your car, directions. By adding Honeywell you will also be able to control the heating system of your come and Lutron that will allow you to control the lights.

Touch sensitive timepiece – This refers to the fact that the screen of your watch will respond to both touch and pressure sensors.

Apple Watch – there are load of them, meaning that there will be a total of 34 hardware designs that are using different materials. This is a great idea because there are many people that are extremely cautious when it comes to wearing their accessories.