Specification of the Apple Watch - part 3

Apple Activity App – You probably are familiar with the fitness tracking devices, and this is a big part in the Apple Watch project. And therefore, the company split this area into two zones. The first one si the Activity app, that provides you with information about your health, your well-being and your daily routine activities.
Each section has a goal of achieving a ed ring each day. You can say that you followed the graphics if you complete the circle daily.

The second section is the Move ring that will inform you about the amount of calories you burnt, and taking into consideration all the registered data, it will provide you with new goals to fulfill.

Apple Workout App – No matter what sports you are practicing, running or cycling or simply walking, there are a lot of app that are tracking your daily activity. There is connected a device to your mobile, including GSP information, that will provide you with that you need to know about the distances, pacing the meters, heart and respiratory rate measurements and it will further set new goals for you and it give you motivational encouragements during your exercising.

Not only you will have these information, but the data from your Activity app can be sent to the Health app, where you can see all the information from all your fitness apps in one place.

Apple Pay with Apple Watch – is a safe payment system that is currently available only for iPhone 6 users. It has all the information of your credit and debit card numbers and it will allow you to transfer money just by placing your hand in front of a card reader.

When it comes to the Apple Watch you will only have to click the side of your watch, wave your wrist and wait for a vibration notification to tell you it all went fine.

Charging conundrum – Even if Apple didn't leak any information about the longevity of its Watch, it is expected that the watch will at least function properly by day so you can charge it by night.

Considering that you won't have any wireless charging, it is possible that you will have to take off your watch pretty often. Some reports said that the watch will only function for 2.5 hours before it needs charging, but this would be really bad news.

The Watch, not surprisingly, will also tell you the time, and with great accuracy. The watch will auto-synchronize with the universal time.

It is good to know that you don't need a new iPhone in order to use the new Apple Watch. You will only need to own an iPhone. Anything from the iPhone 5 generation will be fine.

The price of the Apple iWatch will probably start from roughly $349. But if you are going for the luxury gold edition you might even pay $5,000.

The release date is not yet established but it should be in the early 3015.