New iOS 9 focuses more on increasing performance and stability

Apple’s new release iOs9 promises to be Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)’s equal. This version is rumored to be more focused on increasing performance, fixing bugs and cruft clean up, which was always the main reason why costumers were unhappy with the operating system.

It is widely known that most of Apple’s system upgrades caused many of its users to be unhappy due to the fact that they had several problems. For example, they had problems with the upgrades and rare bugs on some devices which caused issues with the hardware. This mentioned, it would seemed that iOS 7 and 8 were released to be tested on by the costumers. We say this when we looked at how iOS 7 was feeding off the device’s battery life and performance, while iOS 8 cause several issues with the Wifi and install requirements. Apple fans started to be unhappy with losing their caused by iCloud’s bugs and reboot cycles.

Some costumers noticed that iOS 7 used on iPhone 5C had even more bugs than iPhone 4S on iOS 6, some of these errors causing Safari to crash. Due to these operating system problems, some people do not want to upgrade to iOS 8 simply because Apple lost their trust. It also seems that Apple is starting to look into the ‘œCore rot’ issues after their clients complained about them for the past two years.

Rumors about the upcoming update

iOS 9, or Monarch as Apple called it, is said to be focused on the same devices as iOS 8 was, such as iPad mini, iPad 2 iPhone 4S and above models, iPad 2 with Retina and generation 5 of iPod. While still introducing some new features, its main emphasis will be on bug fixing, boost stability, performance improvement and reducing the overall update size. Snow Leopard is seen as not only a performance booster but also as an upgrade which will fix most, if not all bugs. The first characteristic depends on the devices and also software you have, but it has been said that OS 10.6 is faster in many software suits and applications than version 10.5.

Bug fixes and increased performance are not the only rumored updates, alongside them it is believed that some software and capabilities are to be added, but mostly the general idea is that the new iOS will make your device better. The public believes that Apple should pay attention to this aspect. Many Apple products users are more unhappy with the service today than they were over three years ago. They also have lost their trust in the company’s ability to deliver a product that simply works as good as they promised. Best to keep in mind that the consumers do not believe that the software or devices have become bad, just that Apple should put more effort, time, attention and thought into delivering high quality standard OS updates. They do not want to be beta testers to a software update which should have been present, if not without the errors then at least with fewer ones.