Health apps for your Apple device

There's more for technology than you probably know. A major asset that your iOS 8 has is the Apple Health. You can therefore store all the information from the wearable items and fitness apps.

There is an essential reading suggestion: Apple Health vs. Google Fit, but further you will also be informed with the most user-friendly health apps you can provide for your iOS 8 device.

Nike+ Running – The app helps you log the information from your running in the iOS device such as the distance, intensity and so on. You can find the app for free.

7 Minute Workout – The app that will store the information about the amount of calories you burned during a seven minute regimes. You can find the app for free.

Weight Watchers Mobile – The ideal app if you want to get information about the consistency of your meals such as fats, carbs, fiber and proteins.

Get Moving – The app that tracks all the information registered in the other Health Apps. And you can get the app for only 79p.

Dance Party – A fun-to-have app that, when connected to your Mac or Apple TV will mirror your dance moves on the screen. It resembles with a regular Wii game and it also helps you to stay fit.

Map My Run – as it's name suggests, the app provides you with information about your running. And you can get the app for free.

Strava Running and Cycling – The app that monitors your bike rides and you can find it for free.

DailyBurn – The app that provides information about the calories you burnt in your daily routines. Get this health app for free.

Withing Health Mate – The app gathers all the information from other trackers such as Whitings Pulse OX, Smart Body, Analyzer and Blood Pressure Monitor.You can get the app for free.

UP by Jawbone – The app that will help you monitor all the information that come from the wearable devices like step tracking, sleep calorie, and anything that have built-in sensors. You can find the app for free.

Golfshot: Golf GPS – A free app that is silently monitoring your steps and calories when taking a walk.

Runtastic – A well functioning app within the Apple Health, monitoring your steps, Download your app for free.

Endomondo – Tracking the information for your walk, hikes or cycles and any other activities. The information are stored in Endomondo and further sent to the Apple Health.

Garmin Connect – This is probably one of the most complete health app, keeping track of your calories, steps and walking information.

Beddit – The app that monitors your sleeping cycles, heart rate and snoring. The app requires a device.

PEAR Training – The app that provides with the information synced with HealthKit about the calories you burnt, distance and heart rate.

Lifesum – By scanning the barcode you will get information about your food's calories.

Trails GPS – Gives you the information about all your exercising.

MyFitnessPal – Providing additional information about your meals, helping you keep track of your weight, log the exercises, the app is a great asset for for monitoring your daily health-activities. You can find the app for free.

Clue – A girly app that keeps track of your next period and the periods you are most likely to get pregnant.

Fjuul – Is the perfect motivational app that monitors your activities and makes you push harder weather you are exercising, working or vacuuming the house.