Details about the Apple Watch - part 2

There are more apple models you get to choose from. There are:

1. The Apple Watch – a standard edition that has a stainless steel case.

You can have one of the three types of leather bands, a link bracelet or a woven metal strap. The extremely qualitative leather straps comes from the Modern Buckle, a French tannery.

You can also find the standard Apple Watch with a high-tech variant, the Sport Band that is very resistant but with a smooth and light look. You can find it on both white or black .

2. Apple Watch Sport is the lighters version of the watch, with a silvery or space gray finish. The glass is no longer the sapphire one, but it has a Ion-X glass that makes it stronger. The advantage of a sport watch is the fact that it is with 40% lighters.

Also, the straps come in different s, white, blue, green, pink or black.

3. Apple Watch Edition – As you probably figured it out this is the luxury edition. Of course if you are planning to buy the Apple Watch Edition you should be prepared to spend a lot of money. There are six models you can choose from, each one of them with an 18-karat gold case.

The types you can find are: a yellow gold watch with a light red strap in the 33mmsize, a rose gold with a white strap for both 38 mm and 42 mm watches, and a unique yellow gold with dark blue strap for the 42mm one.

You should know about the Apple Watch that is has a new OS of its own – It wouldn't had been a good idea to just move the iOS into the Apple Watch so the team that is developing the watch came in with a brand new soft that is currently called Watch OS.

The unexpected decision of Apple Watch was not to make it, as everyone expected, with touchscreen, but to make is analogue. And you will be able to control it with something that resembles the Sony Mobile Pointer.

You can also change and customize the face of your Apple Watch. You can pick your own scheme and the details and functions you need to primarily access. You will also have a nice live wallpaper.

When it comes to phone notifications – Apple didn't made the announcement of the possibility of your watch to connect with your iPhone, but a Bluetooth connection is probably indispensable.

You will receive all the notification via SMS, email or even phone calls. The advantage is that you can also respond to your text messages.

When it comes to phone calls, you will be able to use a full voice through the speaker.

The Apple Watch is also a health tracker, and it will have a heart rate monitor built in. The good news is that you will be able to monitor your heart rate, blood flow and pulse.

The solely deficiency of the watch is probably the fact that it doesn't have a GPS, Apple saying that the watch will use the WI-Fi and GPS data from your iPhone. It is true that this can be a battery life savior but the problem is that if you are looking to monitor your activities you will have to carry around your phone with you in order to get accurate information.

The Digital Touch is the new Facetime, or in other words, you will be able to communicate with the other Apple watch users.