Choosing your Apple Watch Apps - part 1

The new Apple Watch will be here in no time. With April 2015 coming so fast, there is a lot of light shed on the apps that will function with the new device.

At the same time, there are a lot of fashion-obsessed, gadget-obsessed, health-obsessed users that will search for the exact apps that suits them best.

There are some hints on that apps you will be able to use starting with the Apple Watch launch. There are many developers that are already hardly working on the latest Apple apps. Next you will be reading a review about the best apps for Apple Watch in the whole world.

Hot new indie Apple Watch Apps – The new apps will probably be just the extensions used already by your iPhone. But this is not necessarily a limit. As the apps are continually developing, you will have the best assets for your Apple Watch.

1. Clear, is an app that you can get on iTunes. The App seems highly minimalist even before Apple embrace this style, and its creator said about it that the app will let you see the do's and don'ts, reminders and so on to your Apple Watch, just by synchronizing it with the iCloud. It makes it easier to check your lists and helps you remember what tasks you have to complete.

2. Exact Fitness Timer – is the fitness app you will want to have when using the Apple Watch. It is the perfect app to have for your daily activities, track timers, and anything else you have to know, directly from your wrist. Its developers are still testing the app to see how would the app better get along with the Apple Watch.

3. Feed Wrangler is the perfect news app. It lets you read the full articles, easily scout through the headlines, mark and read the news. You can also pause the article so you can further read it from your iPhone or Mac.

4.Fitness Spades is actually a game that challenges the user to exercise.

5. Home remote – A well known app developer that had a lot to do with smartwatches said that this is the most useful app you can get. Imagine how easily will be to unlock your doors, turn on and off the lights and even putting the kettle on, with only a movement from your wrist. And this possibility will come to you with a better display, a voice control and touch input. The app was meant to be the easiest to use app for your everyday commands.

6. Infinitweet – Is one of the useful communication apps, that is actually turning your large messages to images, like the Twitter's 140-character limit. The Apple version of this will almost do the same thing, excepting the fact that you will use your voice for your messages. It is very useful if you are hurrying and you don't have the time to type a long message.

OffticeTime is useful if you want to track the exact amount of time you spend in your office and meetings.