Blocking a number on your iOS device

This is a small guide on how to block someone you no longer want to receive calls from and you don't want him or her to disturb you anymore.

This is quite important, having the possibility of not getting called by certain numbers, and this comes from various reasons: your boss keeps calling you during your holidays, your ex won't get over it and you are already tired because of the 2 a.m.

calls and, the regular, you don't want to receive calls from PPI firms. It is obvious that you can simply ignore the calls, but what if you want to block that number forever so that they will no longer disturb you?

This guide is basically for any iPhone running on iOS 6 and iOS 7.

1. Blocking a number that has called you for iOS 7 and iOS 8

Open the Phone app that every phone has at the bottom of the screen, and at your Logs option you will see the Recents button. Tap on this and you will get to see the recent calls and callers. Click on the number you want to be block, scroll down until you get the Block this caller option. Confirm it. And this is how you can easily block someone that is disturbing you.

2. Another way for blocking a contact in iOS 7 and iOS 8

You don't have to necessarily wait for someone to call you before you can block them. You can easily go into the Settings options, and scroll until you find the Phone field. If you look well, you will further see on the bottom of the list the Blocked option. This will show you the list of the contacts you have already blocked but also you can add a new one. You will be redirected to your contacts and you will only have to select the one you want to be blocked.

3. But what if you change your mind?

If you reconsidered, and you still want to make friends with one of your blocked contacts, no worries, there is the unblock button as well. The process is similar to the previous one, from the Settings – Phone – Blocked list, you will have the Edit option that will allow you to remove any contact you previously blocked.

4. Blocking a number on an iPhone running on iOS 6

As a quick suggestion, if you are already running on iOS 6 you should probably update to iOS 8, not only because it runs better but it is also free. You can easily browse on the Internet a guide to help you do that if you are not sure about it. But if you want to stick to your current iOS 6, there are ways to block numbers as well:

First, even if it is not recommendable and you shouldn't probably do it, you must jailbreak your iPhone. Maybe you should first make a list of pros and cons before actually doing it.

Second, you will need some sort of app that will do the job for you. For example, some of the ones you can find on the are “Call blocker” or “Call bliss”. Unfortunately you won't find the apps directly on the Apple App Store but you can easily download them from the independent Cydia app store. The app that you will be using is called iBlacklist and it costs $12.99.

Third, iBlacklist should now appear as any regular app you have installed on your phone. Open it and search for the Blacklist option. And the further steps are easy and well explained: Add new Blacklist, and then add the number you want to be blocked. You can either search for it in your recent calls, in your contacts or manually add it.

Forth, don't forget to configure what happens if you receive a call from a contact that is on your blacklist. The options vary from blocking the call before even your phone registers it, send back the engaged tone, send the caller to voicemail or simply hang up.

To block other number you will only have to repeat the third and fourth steps.