Best Apple Watch apps you need to have - part 2

Peeps – The founder of this app admits the fact that the Apple Watch can be useful for apps where there's no conspicuous use. This app is used for video group messaging. A suggestion that came from the developers was to place a front camera on the watch for better functionality.

Prompt – Even if it is not at it's final version and it is still a prototype, Prompt will be the best app if you want to run a presentation for example. You can preset the section and duration in the iOS app and than start the presentation only using your Apple Watch. It will give you the hints on what should you further say, the examples you might forgot to present, how much time is left from your presentation and separately for each section. The app was inspired by the life of its developer, because he said that he constantly forgot his position in presentation.

Slopes – Is the sports app for skiers and snowboarders that are also using the iPhone's GPS to record their runs. This app is also good for winter sports not only for running or cycling. You can also have the 3D replays directly on your phone. The app will help you faster and easier read the information from your watch.

There are also big names that are hardly working for Apple Watch apps that let us take a glance at their work.

American Airlines – The American Airlines app has already been tested and it is a great app to have if you are the kind of person that is travelling a lot. With one look at your watch you will be able to read all the information about your departure, boarding gate and much more.

BMW – If you own both an Apple Watch and a BMW you will surely get to love this app. You will find out information about your car such as the charge level in no time. And moreover, if you forget where you parked your car, the app will give you the directions to find it.

Citymapper – Is a fantastic app that will make your life easier in the cities. The app only works in New York City and London for now.

Facebook – Yes, you will be able to see your Facebook notifications, friend requests, feeds, like and all that directly on your wrist.

Honeywell and Lutron – The apps you need for the total control of your home. Honeywell will adjust the Honeywell thermostats and Lutron is the app to use when you need someone to turn on or off the lights.

MLB – Is the app for the baseball fans, displaying in real time the scores and the game progress on your watch.

Nike – The Apple Watch will have a Nike app in order for you to carefully monitor your training.

Pinterest – The best thing about this app is that when you will be visiting a new city and you will have some pinned sites, when walking near by you will instantly receive a notification on your watch.

Starwood Hotels – Make your job easier than you want to check in at the Starwood Hotels.

Twitter – You will be able to read from your watch any tweets and also to access your timeline.