Turning off Google search history on Android

Google gathers information about your searches in order to improve its search recommendations and products like Google Now. Here are some tips on how to stop Google search from showing your history on Android by simply turning off web history and removing your previous search history.

Turning off Web history on Android

In order to get access to your web history settings you will have to open Google Now.

Open the Google Search app on your phone and click on the three horizontal lines icon in the top Google search bar to get access to the Menu where you will find Settings. After this, in the Settings menu, select Accounts & privacy, then Google Account History. Here you will select Web & App Activity which is turned on by default. You will stop web history.

Removing previous search history on Android

In order to get rid of your previous search history you will have to go to Google Now`s Settings. At Accounts & Privacy you will find Google Account History where you will have to click Web & App Activity. At Manage history a list of all your recent search history will appear and you will be able to select and remove singular items or you can opt for removing all your search history over a certain period. Google lets you remove search history from the last hour, last day, last week, last four weeks and since the beginning. As you prefer, you will select one of these options and tap remove.

Removing Google Chrome search history in Android and preventing it from recording search queries

The two options above work for those who use the Google search bar that appears on home screen of Google Now to register text or voice searches on your Android phone or tablet. There is the case were you are making searches by using the browser. In the case of Google Chrome browser, you will see that it does not stop to recording any kind of activity that happens on the browser installed on your phone or tablet. It is able to record any PC or laptop browsing history and synchronize the history from your phone with that from your PC or tablet. It is simple to get rid of this, too.

First, you will have to go to the Chrome browser on your phone or tablet and click the three dots in the top right corner in order to access more options. You will have to go to History. A list of recent searches will appear that will resemble searches made on a computer connected to Chrome browser. You can delete them one by one or you can select them all and click clear browsing data. The simplest way to avoid and stop Chrome for registering your search history is to use Incognito. It represents a private browsing mode that does not track anything you do. You will be available to your employer, ISP and all the sites you visit, but it will prevent Google from recording your search history.