The 7 inches Android Chromo Inc Tablet

If you are not looking for an expensive tablet and yet durable one for your children, the Chromo Inc 7 Tab is the right choice. It is not high end nor has high resolution but if you want to enjoy gaming and other things on a medium but fast gadget, this gadget is what you need.

Tablet's speed

The Android OS is on what the tablet is running and it is very stable.

It has a dual processor, the AllWinner A13 and the Cortex A8 with a speed of 1.2 GHz. The processing is very efficient, and it works brilliant due to its 512 MB of RAM. It has 4 GB of memory but you can add up to 32 GB by using a MicroSD memory card. This tablet is perfect for playing games, especially the racing ones.

The display

The quality if the images used on it are not so high due to its low resolution. On the other hand, 5-point touchscreen offers users the convenience of using this gadget with a few touches. You can plug some headphones in the audio jack to listen some music or attach an external keyboard if you're going to write something. You can also transfer data with flash or HDD trives by connecting them to the tablet. You can do anything you want on this tablet, from reading to playing 3D games.

The camera and pictures

If you're interested in selfies, the front camera is only 1.3MP and its the only camera. Photographers won't be satisfied with the pictures that will be taken with this tablet.

Battery life

The battery of this tablet isn't bad but neither very good. It is a 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery that can last from 2 to 4 hours. You can play 3D games or view any video or image you want regardless of quality.

Its portability

One strong point of this tablet is that is very light and easy to carry without any problems. Its weight of only 275 grams is a dream for many children that want to take it wherever they go. Through its wireless connection, you can do anything you want except using GPS. It also won't be able to receive or transfer anything through Bluetooth because it doesn't have a Bluetooth provider. It comes with a TF card slot, a charger, earphones and a mini USB port so it won't be hard to transport.

Its casing can protect it from scratches, dirt and it also has a built-in stand that helps you to see a movie in a better way.

The customer support

If you encounter any problems with this tablet, you can only send an email to the Chromo company and wait a response. The other way is to check the user manual of the gadget.

If something good is what are you looking for, this tablet will satisfy your needs.

The price

Buy this tablet for your kids, let them play, see videos and pictures or just listen some music at the price of only 50$. It is like a mini PC, except that the battery goes down but you can always recharge it and start using it again.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are the good price, the fast processor, its wireless connectivity and the simple application access.

The disadvantages are that the display and the camera are not so good and the battery is even worse. Also, if the tablet might have problems, the customer service won't help you a lot.