Stop going over your data limit on Android devices

It is fairly easy to get a very expensive phone bill at the end of the month simply by going over your data allowance limit if you either do not have a contract with unlimited data or you do not find yourself near a Wi-Fi connection.

When you decide to make a mobile phone contract, make sure you can approximate how much data you may need. This can be done very easy by looking at some of your past phone bills to see how much data you usually use, and then keep in mind that you might use your new phone more.

The data usage will increase more if you have 4G feature.

Your phone may not only consume data when you are checking your Facebook account or watching videos on YouTube, but also when you are using certain apps. These apps may run in the background and use your data, for example, your email may check with the servers for new messages at certain times. App updates are another great example as they can consume a lot off data. Google Play will help with this by ensuring you are updating only over a Wi-Fi connection.

There is some good news for Android users. The OS has tools that enable you to see when you are close to your monthly data allowance, and a bigger plus is that you can turn off your mobile data traffic.

Make your updates only with Wi-Fi connection

It cannot get easier than this. All you have to do is go on Google Play, tap the screen where the three horizontal lines are, then tap on Settings. There you will find General and select Auto-update and then all you have to do is select 'Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only'.

Gain complete of your mobile data usage ‘“ Learn how to turn it off

To turn off your mobile data connection all you have to do is go to ‘œSettings’, tap on Data usage and switch the Mobile data from ON to OFF.

Even if you turn off you mobile data connection you are still able to browse the internet and use your apps as you would normally do when you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Limit the data usage on your Android device

It is possible to set a certain limit for your Android device to use over a month and also receive a notification which will tell you when you are close to your limit. All you have to do is got ‘˜Settings’ again, Date usage, then all you have to do is to make sure that your monthly usage cycles will match up with that of your contract.

When you go in Data usage, a large graphic will show up giving you information about the data you have used over the month. From there you are able to set a maximum amount of data to use and when Android to send a warning when you are close to it. The two horizontal bares from the graph will represent your choices.

Minimize the mobile data usage

To minimize the data usage, you can go in your apps and disable background data. To do that go to Settings, Data usage and view the list of your apps using data. Then tap on an app and select Restrict background data.