Setting up parental control on Android

Nowadays, setting up parental control on Android became a must because of the fact that kids tend to get smarter everyday and they manage to find mysterious ways to operate your Android phone or tablet. Here are some tips to help you set up parental controls and some explanations about the restricted profiles feature.

Setting up parental control on Android 4.

3 Jelly Bean or later

Once Android 4.3 was released, we could benefit from restricted profiles which provided a new dimension to the user profiles features that were available in version 4.2. Only tablets that use Android 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4 can be set up with various user accounts. This offers you the opportunity to transform your Jelly Bean tablet into a family PC with individual spaces for each member of your family. In Android 4.3 you have the possibility to set up a device administrator control which will grant app permissions of each user profile and will help you protect your child.

First Step: Go to Android`s home screen and click on Settings. Scroll down and select Users. After this, tap `Add user or profile`. Here you can choose between creating a normal User profile or a Restricted profile.

Second Step: You will be asked to establish a screen lock for your device. You can select between a pattern, PIN or password lock.

Third Step: Tap settings for the `New Profile` and name it.

Fourth Step: A list of apps will be shown and it will have on/off toggles to the side. By default, the restricted profile you are creating is not able to access them. Search through the list and toggle on only the apps that you want your child to have access to.

Fifth Step: On the lock screen you will see that your own account cannot be accessed without the pattern, password or PIN that you have set up. Your child will be able to use instantly the apps you provided access to. Even if the Google Play Store icon appears, your kid will not be able to access it and a notification will say that you do not have access to it.

Restricting in-app purchases in Google Play

If you own a smartphone that has an Android version prior to Lollipop, you can do a bunch of things in order to establish parental controls. We all know that kids enjoy playing games and Google Play is full with them. It is very easy for a busy parent to let his kid unwatched with what may seem a harmless game.

Go to Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings menu and select user controls. Select Password and your Google account will require a password everytime someone tries to download a paid app. The same menu provides you with an option to establish Content filtering. You can grant access to all apps or only those that are tagged with low, medium or high maturity content. Tick the boxes that suit your needs.

Restricting only certain apps

If your kid is old enough to allow him to use your phone or tablet by himself, you may want to restric his access to your personal accounts or to web browsing. There are same apps that can help you with this. As an example, you have AppLock, a third-party app that provides you the opportunity to password protect specific apps without locking down access to the whole device.