Setting up Android phone or tablet as PC speakers

If you do not have available any way of playing sounds from your computer, here is a pretty good idea on how to transform your Android smartphone or tablet into PC speakers. This is a good idea when it comes to using and old device, because you can play audios from your PC or laptop by simply using your Android smartphone or tablet. It does not matter if it is from Spotify, iTunes, Windows Media Player or somewhere else.

It is not hard to set up and it does not need any wires. Also, you will not be forced to install the latest version of Android in order to make it function. You can choose among various apps that can provide you the possibility to do this, including Airfoil Speakers and WiFi Speakers. But the best one will be SoundWire.

The app is free, but you can pay a small amount of only 2.50 pounds in order to have access to the full version. The disadvantage about the free version is the fact that the app recognizes itself by voice every 45 minutes and shows ads. The full version offers unlimited Opus audio compression and can handle different clients. It has no ads or voice identification.

How to set up Android phone or tablet as PC speakers

Firstly, you have to install SoundWire on your PC and Android device. After this, run both at the same time and they connect automatically. In the case of Wi-Fi, you will have to put them on the same network. Select the audio source, which for Windows 7 or 8 the default setting should work just fine, but for XP you should select `stereo mix` or `wave out mix`. So, now you will be able to play the music or audio by using your Android device`s speakers.