Removing Google's Search bar on Android

Almost everyone wonders how to uninstall the annoying Google Search bar that is stuck on the Android smartphone home screen. Here are some tips on how to disable the Google Search bar from Android by removing Google Now, using a custom launcher or rooting your Android and using a custom ROM. By removing Google`s search bar you will benefit from an extra row of apps or widgets, which will make an obvious difference in terms of how quick you access the most used apps.

If you do not want to root your Android you have two options of losing the search bar. You can use a custom launcher or uninstall Google Now.

Disabling Google Now

In almost all cases, Android phone uses the Google Experience Launcher. If you are one of those that have a phone like this, uninstalling Google Now will make the search bar disappear. So, open the Settings menu, go to General, Apps. You need to get to the `All` tab were you will have to select `Google Search` and choose `Disable`. After this, on your phone should appear a message that sats `If you stop this app, it will disappear from the screen and unexpected errors may appear while using other apps. Stop?` All about this message is true. You will not have Google Search bar on your Android`s home screen and you will lose Google Now. Anyway, by using this method you will not be able to free up the space that Google Search bar occupies.

Using a custom launcher

A custom launcher provides you access to customize your homescreen. It is an app that allows you to change your Android homescreen looks and works. You will have to go to the Play Store and select the launcher you think it fits you best. Among the best launchers for Android you have Action Launcher, Apex Launcher, Aviate, Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher. Some are free, some cost something, but all of them allow you to remove the search bar.

Rooting your Android and use a custom ROM

This option can cause you some problems, but it will allow you to modify many things about your Android phone. The main advantage of this is the fact that it lets you make use of a custom ROM. This represents a standalone version of the Android OS. In order to set up a custom ROM you will have to download it to a PC or Mac and then mount it to your rooted handset by using an USB cable. Some say this variant is risky because of the fact that you are letting yourself in the hands of third-party software makers that may have strange intentions. Anyway, this can let you delete the Google search bar like you would`ve had done with any other widget. So, it is your choice whether you play it safe and use a custom launcher or you opt for a custom ROM. Maybe you are lucky and able to simply stop the Google search bar by disabling it in your apps settings.